Orc Enforcer


Or'agg, second in command of the Moz'zog camp has a history with Uboh.   Show spoiler
Some time ago, while Uboh was still a member of the Moz'zog clan, he made a power play and lost a trial of combat with Or'agg. Uboh then fled and has not been seen at the camp since. After Uboh and friends rescued Gru'un and the other orcs they returned them to their home. Or'agg met them in the camp but at the orders of Gork-Al, ceased his hostilities for the moment.


One of the largest Orcs in the Moz'zog camp and made of solid muscle. Or'agg is no nonsense and believes his clan should be the apex predator in the land and will stop at nothing to make sure they thrive.

First Appearance:
Arc 2, Episode 10
Current Residence
Moz'zog Camp