Aster Fae'nriel

Elven Archer


Aster left the Evergreen to see the world, making it all the way to Brightport.
They joined up with group heading back towards the west and found themselves helping rescue a group of orcs.

  Arc 2
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The orcs were successfully recovered from the Nu'Val camp and returned to their home at the Moz'zog Camp.


On the way back to Winterhaven the group stopped at the elven site of Cal Cas to speak to Brettana Moonshadow about a truce that had been struck with the orcs.


After leaving the Evergreen, Aster and friends met Leeroy Garvey on the side of the road and agreed to help him in his quest to perform a new play in Winterhaven.

  With the play turning out to be a rousing success, the group accepted a new job: find out what happened in the city of Donhurst.

Appearance and Personality


Aster has sharp elven features and never misses an opportunity to try a new activity. They could be considered an adrenaline junkie or risk taker but it has served them well thus far.


Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Helped with make-up and constumes for Leeroy Garvey's hit play "Of Two Worlds"
  • First Appearance
    Arc 2, Episode 1

    Heterochromia(Right Eye Amber, Left Eye Blue)

    Character Portrait image: by @rnagebomb on Twitter