Arc 2 - Episode #048

Since You've Been Gone

General Summary

"In this episode, Group A inherits like six of Group B's problems" - Jamieson
  11th of Fara'ure
In the morning, Maddy wakes Uboh to watch the sun rise through the Temple's gallery. Aster, Masoka and Donovan visit Artimus for new gear and through shrewd negotiations and less-than-idle threats, both Donovan and Masoka come out ahead.   Later, Amvin joins Maddy and Uboh as they meet Clarrisa in the library and catch up on the happenings in town. Clarrisa tells them about Father White nearing the end of his life, his son Grayson who Maddy's sister went to find and what Clarrisa knows of the trouble in Donhurst.  

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Report Date
08 Oct 2018
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