Artimus Peck

Halfling Shopkeep


Artimus Peck lives in the small town of Aubrey, where he owns a weapon and supplies shop called The Trusty Blade.   Considering Aubrey is a peaceful town for the most part, Artimus didn’t get many customers at first. That was until vampires started attacking the townspeople of Aubrey. As soon as that happened, his business got a huge boost. Especially when it came to “anti-vampire” weapons and gear. Anything from wooden stakes, crossbows, silver-tipped arrows and his best seller, holy water.   Artimus had a special trick when it came to his precious holy water. As soon as the supply came in, he would get the local clerics to bless the holy water crate by crate. In exchange, he would donate to the local church. He also had the clerics bless some of his other items as well but it didn’t resonate with the people of Aubrey as much as the holy water did.   The people of Aubrey saw the holy water as a quick solution to make a vampire retreat rather than a sword or crossbow, which takes months of training to use properly. Even then, they would have to compete with the extraordinary quickness vampires possess. Sales for the holy water got so frequent that Artimus had to skip the blessing on a few crates just to keep up.  
Show spoiler
His business reached a very high peak after Group One paid him a visit and bought weapons and supplies worth thousands of gold pieces. They even bought some of his famous holy water for their vampire hunt.   One of the adventurers in the group, Malchus Grimnas, approached Artimus after the vampires were dealt with. Malchus claimed his holy water was bogus and it never worked on the vampires at all. Artimus explained the situation and how he had skipped the blessing on some of the crates including the bottles he gave Malchus and his friends. The tiefling threatened to expose his holy water if Artimus didn’t give him information about a man called Thadius. Fearing for his life, Artimus said he didn’t know about a man named Thadius but he did know the name of a trader in Durnhollow that specialized in what he was looking for.   Many adventurers have been through Aubrey and met or helped Artimus.   Arc 2
Artimus has not been seen yet in Arc 2, but it can be assumed that he is still in Aubrey selling his wares.


With long, jet black hair, big “elfish” ears, a beard that is sharpened like a knife and a face that looks similar to a crescent moon; you can instantly tell Artimus is a bit shady by just looking at him. He sports a laid-back attitude to mask the essence of his true self, someone who only has selfish intentions in mind.   Artimus Peck is the perfect salesman. He is manipulative, a fantastic liar and will do anything to turn a profit. But that’s who most salesmen are. Artimus thrives where other salesmen in Theria lack, he is very much a showman. He could talk a customer into buying a rusty sword with his showmanship. That ability just adds to the facade he has created.
First appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 31
Current Location
Temple of Amaunator
Current Residence