Thadius Thundermaul

Dwarven Guide


Thadius is an old adventuring dwarf, known to those in Winterhaven. His ventures have taken him across Theria, and he is one of the few people to have ventured far north and returned. That being said, it was a harrowing journey that he does not wish to repeat.   Members of group 1 were directed to Thadius as they were gearing up to head north and try to find Drock’s tomb. The old dwarf was found in his usual haunt, the local bar. It is there that Rodswell and Draconis meet Thadius to ask him advice on heading north.   Thadius’s advice of not going, expect to die, and leave those that fall behind did not necessarily please the two, but they took his warnings to heart and reported back to the group, leaving Thadius to his tab.  


Thadius is an older dwarf, with grey starting to show in his beard. He is wise in general knowledge of the world, due to his travels. In some circles, he is well respected, but due to his disposition to randomly spew profanities, he is not looked up favorably by others.   He has a very pessimistic view on the adventurer’s chances at surviving the harsh north. Some, though, see it as more of a respect towards the powers of the north. Either way, he is very wary of the north and those that voluntarily delve into its depths. When he is in a town, Thadius tends to fluctuate between the bar and the inn.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 12
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