Clarrisa Edmon

Human Researcher


After her parents died, a young Clarrisa Edmond grew up in a church in Aubrey that worshiped the great sun god, Amaunator. She was not the only orphan there, but as a result of her parents death she became shy and a bit introverted, turning towards books for comfort. She would often go to visit the minotaur who lived in the crypt under the church, Yenward Firestomp. Yenward had grown so large that he could no longer fit through the doors, so he relied on the clerics and, in time, Clarrisa for food and water. She quickly grew an affinity towards the creature, and spent much time visiting him.   After the church was destroyed and Yenward was finally able to set off, Clarrisa stayed in Aubrey. Whether it were for a fear of the outside world or a debt to the church that took her in is unknown, but she never forgot her childhood friend. She recognized Yenward on sight when he came back to the town seventeen years after setting off on a journey… Which may be more impressive if he weren't a gigantic cow-beast, but it still shows how he was held in high esteem to the young girl.  
  • Over the course of Arc 1, Clarrisa has helped each of the 4 main groups research one thing or another.


Despite being orphaned so early in life, Clarrisa has an aura of hope and wonder about her, the exact type of person one would imagine would worship the sun god and all things bright and good. Usually smiling, with an air of awkwardness that only manages to make her more approachable, Clarrisa seems to be the true manifestation of a kind soul. Before Duncan was able to hem her robes for her, the first thing people noticed about Clarrisa was the fact that her robes were several sizes too big, often causing her to trip and stumble about. After that modification was made, it became her small, shy smile and sparkling blue eyes.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 32
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