Nash Dom

Southward on the continent, Nash Dom is a vibrant island nation with a tropical, equatorial climate. This bountiful island is lush with rainforests filled with the unique music of diverse wildlife, while its coastal areas boast pristine golden beaches and clear turquoise waters. Volcanic mountains emerge from the island's heart, their imposing height signifying the resilient spirit of the Nash Domii populace. This lush and vibrant haven, however, is counterbalanced by a highly structured and strong societal order.


The governance of Nash Dom is a highly centralized autocracy. Leading is the 'Imperator', an Emperor with absolute power over the military and the state. The Imperator is selected by the Senate, a group of influential elites holding substantial power and authority within the nation. Nevertheless, the Senate's power is symbolic, as the Imperator holds the final say in all matters. The Imperator's rule is maintained through a complex network of propaganda and fear, used to suppress dissent and instill a sense of national unity and strength. The Imperator is seen as the embodiment of Nash Dom, and a cult of personality has developed around him. His images are common throughout the country, reinforcing the concept of his omnipresence and authority.


Nash Dom is known for its militant nature. The Nash Domii are recognized for their well-organized and disciplined legions, rigorously trained in martial arts. The might and authority of these forces are deeply rooted in the societal fabric, influencing its political structures, infrastructure, and everyday life. Governed by an Emperor who personifies the dual role of the highest political figure and the supreme military commander, the nation replicates the grandeur of its inspirations. The impressive architecture of the capital city is reminiscent of grand plazas, imposing sanctuaries, and large amphitheaters. Amidst the severity of their disciplined society, the people of Nash Dom possess a deep appreciation for the arts, literature, and public debates, which are celebrated in city squares and amphitheaters, amplifying the vibrant cultural life of the society.


The birth of Nash Dom in 1749 AP was steeped in bloodshed and chaos. The island, previously under the rule of a much less centralized state known as 'Vestellia', was characterized by a relatively loose federation of cities and rural areas, each with their own governance structures and customs. Vestellia was a state where the power was much more evenly distributed amongst its populace, with the usage of magic being a common part of life.   The transformation into Nash Dom began with a violent coup, led by the ambitious military leader, Titus Aurellus, who would become the first Imperator. Utilizing his considerable martial prowess and divine abilities, he overthrew the existing governance structures and consolidated power into his own hands. With the Imperator and his loyal legions assuming control, Nash Dom rose from the ashes of Vestellia, its presence announced by the echo of clashing swords and the cries of the displaced.   Throughout its history, Nash Dom has grappled with repeated slave uprisings, a constant rebellion against the established order. These revolts have tested the strength and resolve of the nation, necessitating the implementation of increasingly stringent measures to maintain control. The state and the Legions have responded with heavy-handed actions, each uprising met with a swift and brutal response, often leading to further discontent and resentment among the enslaved populace.   Twenty years ago, the tension reached a critical juncture when a massive slave uprising led to a siege of the capital city. The rebels, driven by their desire for freedom and equality, managed to breach the city's formidable defenses and bring the fight to the heart of Nash Dom. It was in this desperate hour that the Imperator and his Inquisitors took to the field. Displaying their divine powers in full force, they quelled the rebellion, laying waste to the slave forces and reasserting their dominance.   This event served as a grim reminder of the country's harsh reality and the brutal power that the Imperator and his Inquisitors wielded. The uprising and its eventual suppression marked a turning point in Nash Dom's history, reinforcing the Imperator's power while underlining the oppressed state of the slaves. Since then, the balance of power has remained largely unchanged, but the memories of this fierce resistance continue to linger, a ghostly echo of defiance in the heart of Nash Dom.

Demography and Population

Nash Dom is home to a diverse population, with a demographic makeup primarily composed of Humans and Dwarves. Humans, making up approximately 37% of the population, form a significant minority. Humans are typically found in positions of political and military power, with the Imperator and the majority of the upper echelons of the Legions being of this race.   Dwarves comprise the majority of the population, accounting for about 61%. Primarily, Dwarves are employed in occupations that capitalize on their innate strength and resilience, such as mining, smithing, and engineering. However, despite their numerical superiority, they have less representation in the nation's political structure and hold fewer positions of power.   The remaining 2% of the population is a mix of various other fantasy races including Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, and Orcs. These races, while contributing to the rich tapestry of the Nash Domii society, face a significant degree of prejudice and discrimination. They are often relegated to the fringe of society, marginalized and ostracized due to their minority status and the prevalent bigotry in Nash Dom.   Despite its diversity, Nash Dom's political culture is heavily influenced by the dominance of the human race. The inherent inequality and prejudice against the non-human races have led to an undercurrent of tension within the society. However, the iron-fisted rule of the Imperator and the powerful Legions ensure a semblance of order and stability, often at the cost of individual freedom and equality.


Known as the 'Legions', the Nash Domii military is the lifeblood of the country. Being a soldier is seen as the highest honor, and military service is mandatory for all citizens. The legions are highly organized, disciplined, and considered among the most formidable military forces on the continent.  

The Legion of Nash Dom

The Legion of Nash Dom traces its origins back to the founding of the nation in 1749 AP, when the first Imperator, Titus Aurellus, instituted a disciplined, professional military force modeled on his vision of unity, strength, and control. The Legion played a crucial role in establishing and maintaining Nash Dom's dominance, both internally and externally. Over the years, the Legion has evolved, becoming not just a military organization, but a deeply ingrained part of Nash Dom's social fabric.  
The Legion is a hierarchical organization, headed by the Imperator, who is the supreme military commander. Underneath him are the Legates, experienced military leaders who command individual legions. Each legion consists of about five thousand legionnaires, divided into smaller cohorts, centuries, and squads for operational efficiency.   Within the Legion exists a special sect known as the Inquisitors. These are divine magic users, uniquely exempt from Nash Dom's ban on magic. The Inquisitors hold a dual role – as part of the Legion, they engage in combat and defense, but they also bear the duty of rooting out and suppressing unauthorized magical use within the populace.  
The Legion serves multiple purposes in Nash Dom. Externally, it is the primary tool of conquest and defense, extending Nash Dom's influence, securing its borders, and quashing any external threats. Internally, the Legion plays a significant role in maintaining order, quelling uprisings, and ensuring the strict laws of Nash Dom, including the prohibition on magic, are upheld.   The presence of the Legion is ubiquitous throughout Nash Dom, with every settlement hosting a garrison. This not only provides security but also serves as a constant reminder of the Imperator's authority and the power of the state.  
Current Operations (Revised)
In addition to maintaining internal stability and fortifying Nash Dom's borders, the Legion conducts raids on neighboring lands, primarily aimed at capturing slaves. These raids are a significant aspect of Nash Dom's external operations, and they have become more frequent in recent years.   While controversial and widely condemned by neighboring nations, these slave raids are considered necessary within Nash Dom due to the country's reliance on slave labour. The slaves, brought back from the raids, are primarily used in mines, farms, and construction works, supporting the nation's infrastructure and economy.   The Legion employs a mix of strategic planning and brute force during these raids, showcasing their exceptional discipline and martial prowess. The captives are then marched back to Nash Dom, where they are auctioned off to the highest bidders.   This aspect of the Legion's operations underscores the darker side of Nash Dom, with the military force not only used for defense and maintaining law and order but also for enabling and perpetuating a system of subjugation and forced labour.


The state religion of Nash Dom is a polytheistic system, with deities overseeing various aspects of life and nature. Each god or goddess is worshipped in grand temples. In line with the ideological principles, the Imperator is also revered as a divine figure, further consolidating his power. Religion plays a significant role in Nash Dom society, providing moral guidance, and reinforcing the authority of the Imperator. Public sacrifices and festivals are commonplace, serving as both religious and social functions, uniting the people under shared beliefs and rituals. Intriguing due to its mix of influences, Nash Dom remains a mesmerizing nation that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is mighty. With its robust military, autocratic rule, and rich cultural heritage, it is a formidable force on the continental stage.

Foreign Relations

Nash Dom's political landscape is fraught with tension, as the island nation has strained relationships with all other countries within the continent of Versaria. Nash Dom's militaristic and imperialistic tendencies have led to a climate of mistrust and unease among its neighbors.  
Ochal Confederacy
Nash Dom maintains a tenuous relationship with the Ochal Confederacy, with diplomatic exchanges often teetering on the brink of hostility. Nash Dom's persistent attempts to extend its sphere of influence into the Confederacy have been met with staunch resistance, fueling a constant simmering tension.  
Nash Dom's relationship with Yastor is marked by bitter animosity, largely fueled by the former's coastal raids and slave-taking expeditions. This ongoing aggression has triggered frequent conflicts and has cemented a deep-seated enmity between the two nations.  
Andasand and Ula
With Andasand and Ula, Nash Dom's relations are underscored by fear and hostility due to the frequent raids launched by the island nation. These campaigns, aimed at procuring slaves, have instilled a pervasive sense of dread among the inhabitants of these nations and have created a climate of tension and animosity.  
Dao and Takk-Feigr
Despite being located far off Nash Dom's raiding routes, Dao and Takk-Feigr hold a deep-seated mistrust for the militaristic nation. Their relations are strained by Nash Dom's consistent disregard for international peace, its brazen raids on other nations, and its unabashedly imperialistic ambitions.  
Verre Oewer
Verre Oewer's relationship with Nash Dom is characterized by constant vigilance due to the latter's reputation for coastal raids. Even though the expansive sea that separates the two nations has served as a buffer, the threat of a Nash Dom incursion remains a persistent concern in Verre Oewer's political discourse.


Magic in Nash Dom is seen as both a powerful force and a threat to the established order. As a result, the use of magic has been strictly outlawed for the general populace, carrying the ultimate penalty of death. This harsh rule has led to a climate of fear and suspicion around magic, turning magic users into outcasts forced to hide their abilities or face dire consequences.   Despite this broad prohibition, there is a singular exception to the rule: the Imperator. The Imperator is not just the leader of Nash Dom, but also a potent divine magic user. The people see the Imperator's magic as a divine blessing, a sign of favor from the gods that legitimizes his rule. His magical prowess is showcased in grand public ceremonies, serving as a reminder of his divine mandate and awe-inspiring power.   A special division within the Legions, known as the 'Inquisitors', is allowed to wield divine magic for a very specific purpose - to root out and eliminate unsanctioned magic use among the populace, and skirts the law on magic as an extension of the Imperator's own hand. These Inquisitors are feared and respected in equal measure, acting as the Imperator's eyes and hands in maintaining the strict magical laws of Nash Dom.   The implications of this dichotomy in the acceptance and condemnation of magic are profound. For one, it ensures a monopoly of magical power in the hands of the Imperator and his Inquisitors, reinforcing their dominance and authority. Secondly, it has created a deeply rooted fear and distrust towards magic among the general populace. This suppression also has a chilling effect on the development of magical arts in Nash Dom, stunting potential growth and discoveries that might come from a more widespread and open practice of magic.   However, the draconian laws have also given rise to a secretive underground culture of magic, with individuals quietly practicing their abilities in the shadows, forming hidden societies and sharing knowledge covertly.

Agriculture & Industry

Agriculture and mining are the cornerstones of Nash Dom's economy. The fertile plains surrounding the volcanoes grow a variety of tropical fruits, spices, and other exotic crops, while the mountainous regions are teeming with precious metals and gemstones. Regrettably, a significant element of the Nash Domii economy is the extensive use of forced labor in these sectors. While the local market is tightly regulated and overseen by the state, Nash Dom is also significantly involved in overseas commerce. Its valuable agricultural and mineral products are exported across the continent, contributing to wealth and prosperity. Superior naval power has facilitated the establishment and maintenance of lucrative trade routes, ensuring a steady influx of foreign goods and ideas.

Trade & Transport

Despite Nash Dom's strained political relationships with the other nations of Versaria, trade remains an integral part of the island nation's economy. Although its aggressive tendencies have impacted its trade ties, a degree of commerce continues to exist, largely driven by necessity and the unique resources each nation has to offer.  
Ochal Confederacy
Trade with the Ochal Confederacy is minimal, largely due to political tensions. However, Nash Dom imports some of the Confederacy's famed steel for its military, and in exchange, exports high-quality marble and other construction materials.  
Trade with Yastor is virtually non-existent due to their hostile relationship. Nash Dom's persistent coastal raids and the consequent bad blood have resulted in a near-total trade embargo between the two nations.  
Given the hostile relationship, trade with Andasand is limited. However, Nash Dom does import Andasand's fine sandglass, an important commodity in its timekeeping practices. In return, Nash Dom exports its surplus grain and military equipment.  
Despite the antagonistic relations, Nash Dom imports rare desert herbs from Ula known for their medicinal properties. In exchange, Nash Dom exports pottery and ceramics, appreciated for their quality and craftsmanship in Ula.  
Trade with Dao is sporadic at best. Dao imports some military hardware from Nash Dom, largely due to Nash Dom's superior weapon-making skills. Nash Dom imports Dao's mystical artifacts, which are highly prized by its wealthy citizens.  
Trade with Takk-Feigr is minimal, although Nash Dom imports the rare, fey-touched wood from its forests, known for their inherent magical properties. In return, Nash Dom exports valuable minerals from its mines.  
Verre Oewer
Verre Oewer's maritime supremacy means it has a significant control over trade routes, causing trade with Nash Dom to be tightly controlled and largely one-sided. Nash Dom imports a variety of spices, fruits, and other exotic goods from Verre Oewer. Due to the heightened tension, Nash Dom's exports to Verre Oewer are limited and primarily include stone and other building materials.   The trade relations of Nash Dom, while influenced by its aggressive politics, remain an essential part of the island nation's economy. The trade ties, minimal as they may be, continue to influence and be influenced by the complex dynamics of Versaria.  

Official Currency

  The official currency of Nash Dom is known as the Imperia, reflecting the nation's deep reverence for its ruling Imperator. The Imperia is a gold coin that carries the engraved profile of the reigning Imperator on one side, while the reverse features the image of the national emblem - a crossed sword and scepter against the backdrop of a mountain, symbolizing military might, divine authority, and the strength of the nation.   There are also fractional denominations of the Imperia, known as Minima and Centuriae. A Minima, often minted in silver or copper, is equivalent to one-hundredth of an Imperia, while a Centuriae, generally silver, is equivalent to one-tenth. This three-tier system caters to the economic needs of the different social classes in Nash Dom.   The Imperia is a robust and stable currency, reflecting Nash Dom's strong economy and central authority. Its value is upheld by the nation's plentiful natural resources and the prosperous trade networks that the country maintains. The consistent design of the coins, carried over from one Imperator to another, symbolizes the continuity of power and stability in the country.


Education in Nash Dom is state-controlled, with an emphasis on discipline, martial prowess, and loyalty to the Imperator and the state. The curriculum is carefully curated to promote the values of the nation, and the teachings are consistent across the island.   The education system is divided into two stages. The Primary stage is compulsory for all children between the ages of seven to fourteen. Here, students are taught basic reading, writing, arithmetic, and the history of Nash Dom with a particular focus on its military victories and the glory of the Imperator.   The Secondary stage, from ages fifteen to eighteen, is more specialized. Students who show aptitude and interest in scholarly pursuits continue their academic studies, diving deeper into literature, philosophy, mathematics, and science. Those who display martial prowess are enrolled in Legion-run schools, where they are trained in combat, strategy, and the principles of leadership.   While education is mandatory for all races, the systematic bias and discrimination are evident. Humans and Dwarves are more likely to have access to higher quality education and greater opportunities for advancement, while the minority races often face barriers in obtaining equal educational opportunities.   Furthermore, the education system staunchly adheres to the ban on magical teachings, ensuring the study of magic remains a prohibited domain, with the exception of the specific sect of the Legions responsible for its control. This strict adherence reflects the broader societal norms of Nash Dom and reinforces the state's control over its populace.


The infrastructure of Nash Dom is impressive, showcasing the nation's commitment to disciplined order and high engineering prowess. Given the state's ban on magic, the Nash Domii have had to rely extensively on their ingenuity and technical skills to develop and maintain their infrastructure, resulting in an advanced level of non-magical engineering that surpasses most other nations on the continent.   Cities and towns in Nash Dom are meticulously planned and well-constructed. The wide, cobblestone streets are lined with well-built buildings, designed to withstand the tropical climate and potential threats. Aqueducts crisscross the cities, providing a steady supply of fresh water from the mountain streams. Underneath the cities, a complex network of sewers ensures effective waste management, a testament to the advanced engineering capabilities of the Nash Domii.   The capital city showcases the grandest of Nash Domii engineering feats. The Imperator's palace, a massive edifice of stone and metal, dominates the city's skyline. Its construction combines aesthetic grandeur with practical defensive design, reflecting the power and authority of the Imperator.   The roads connecting different parts of the island are wide and well-maintained, facilitating swift movement of the Legions and promoting trade and commerce. These roads are often flanked by fortified watchtowers, providing an extra layer of defense and a constant reminder of the military's omnipresence.   A prominent feature of Nash Dom's infrastructure is its fortifications. Given the nation's militaristic nature, each city, town, and even village boasts a fortified wall and a garrison. The coastal regions are dotted with harbors and lighthouses, their design reflecting the same attention to detail and engineering skill.   In the absence of magical augmentation, Nash Dom's highly developed infrastructure bears witness to their innovative engineering skills. Their ability to create a robust network of roads, waterways, and buildings using purely mundane means, sets them apart, marking them as a nation of inventors, builders, and strategists.

"Dominus per Divinitatem" - "Mastery through Divinity"

Founding Date
1749 AP
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Haavik-Dom (Yastor)
Dum-Nashk (Andasand)
Miral-Dom (Ula)
Nash-Dùn (Takk-Feigr)
Predecessor Organization
Nash Domii
Related Traditions
March of the Divine Dominion
  (Verse 1) Under azure skies, we stand, Nash Dom, our sacred land. Strong as our mountains high, our spirits, they never die. From our rich, verdant shore, our voices in a mighty roar, Praise the Imperator’s might, in day and the darkest night.   (Chorus) Mastery through Divinity, our call resounds, Through the echo of drums, in each heart it pounds. Our unity, our strength, a fortress unassailable, In Nash Dom, the divine, indomitable, unquenchable.   (Verse 2) In battle’s fierce embrace, we show no other face, Than that of stern resolve, as our legions march and evolve. Victory, our constant song, to us it does belong, In subjugation’s name, we lay our claim.   (Chorus) Mastery through Divinity, our banner high, Under this celestial vow, our enemies shall sigh. In unity, we stand, and divided, they fall, In Nash Dom, the resolute, we answer the call.   (Outro) Our destiny, we seize, brought to our knees, they'll plead. In the name of our divine guide, for Nash Dom, we stride. In the light of conquest's dawn, Nash Dom, forever strong! To the Imperator's power, in reverence, we bow.
— Anthem of Nash Dom


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