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Ritual of Divine Ascendancy

The Ascension Ritual of Nash Dom, also known as the Ceremony of the Divine Imperator, is a grand spectacle steeped in traditions and sacred rites. The ceremony, held at the heart of the capital city, marks the crowning of a new Imperator and is conducted by a group of high-ranking Inquisitors, who function as both religious leaders and enforcers of law.  


  The future Imperator is chosen through a rigorous process, wherein the reigning Imperator identifies the most competent and loyal among the high-ranking officials of the Legion. This process involves intense scrutiny of a candidate's record, discipline, and loyalty to the nation.   In preparation for the ceremony, the future Imperator must perform a week of purification rituals, living in seclusion and fasting to cleanse both body and soul. This period of preparation is intended to prepare them to accept the divine magic they will be imbued with during the Ascension Ritual.  

Regalia and Symbols

  The future Imperator wears a simple black robe before the ceremony, representing their status as a servant of Nash Dom. After the ritual, they don a majestic purple cloak adorned with golden eagles, the emblem of the Imperator. This transition in clothing symbolizes their elevation from servant to divine ruler.  


At dawn on the day of the ceremony, the future Imperator is led to the grand amphitheater, where they make an oath to serve Nash Dom with unwavering loyalty and unwaning strength. Their words echo in the silence of the gathered crowd, a solemn promise of dedication and sacrifice.   The high-ranking Inquisitors then begin the ritual, chanting sacred verses in a language known only to the Inquisitors and the Imperator. They hold aloft a captured mage, bound and muted, as the future Imperator places their hands on the captive. The Inquisitors' chants crescendo, reaching a fevered pitch, and a bright light engulfs the amphitheater as the mage's magic is drawn out and transferred into the future Imperator.  

Divine Magic

  The source of the Imperator's divine magic comes from the captured mages who are held and subdued by the Inquisitors. The process of transferring magic is an intricate ritual, performed with absolute precision, lest it backfire, causing irreparable damage. This dangerous ritual serves not only as a source of power for the Imperator but also as a gruesome reminder of the consequences of wielding forbidden magic.  

Feast and Celebration

  Once the ritual is complete, a grand feast is held in the capital, lasting an entire day. During this time, the newly crowned Imperator, dressed in their majestic regalia, is presented to the masses. The feast serves as both a celebration of the new ruler and a reminder of the Imperator's divine might.  

Origins of the Divine Ascendancy Ritual

  The origins of the Ritual of Divine Ascendancy are deeply rooted in the founding years of Nash Dom, during the reign of the first Imperator, Titus Aurellus.   As an extraordinary tactician and charismatic leader, Aurellus held the nation together through his sheer will and determination. However, in the early years of Nash Dom, Aurellus faced the challenge of reigning over a populace rich with magic-users. Recognizing the potential threat these mages posed to his burgeoning rule, he saw the necessity of harnessing such power for himself.   In a bold move, Aurellus, with the assistance of the newly formed Inquisition, captured a potent mage known for his capability to siphon and transfer magical energy. This captive was coerced into creating a ritual that would allow the extraction of his magical essence for the purpose of transference. The intended recipient of this potent force was none other than Aurellus himself, seeking the power to subdue any magical resistance to his rule.   Aware of the potential devastation of this ritual, the mage aimed to sabotage it, planning to overload Aurellus with an uncontrollable influx of magical energy. However, the cunning Inquisitors foresaw such treachery. They intervened at the critical moment, ensuring the successful completion of the ritual and thus granting Aurellus the mage's potent magic. The mage, drained of all life force, perished as a result.   The Ritual of Divine Ascendancy was born out of this critical necessity, acting initially as a tool for consolidating power in a volatile society. Over time, it evolved into a ceremony symbolizing the divine right and indomitable authority of the Imperator, marking a clear division between the ruler and the ruled. The tale of the first ritual and the fate of the defiant mage has since been etched into the collective memory of Nash Dom, serving as a haunting reminder of the Imperator's might and the stringent ban on uncontrolled magic.
In the ancient language of Nash Dom, revered only for sacred rites, the Inquisitors chant the following as they conduct the Ritual of Divine Ascendancy:   Transitus divinus,
Purgetur a malo, suscipiat bonum,
Vis arcana, in servum migrare,
Ab uno ad alium, sicut flumen fluit,
A captivo ad Imperatorem, potestatem transferre,
Ut in regnum nostrum, Imperator regnet,
In aeternum dominabitur, Nash Dom.
  In the common tongue, this translates to:   Divine Transition,
Purge the ill, embrace the good,
Arcane force, migrate to the servant,
From one to another, as the river flows,
From captive to Imperator, transfer power,
That in our realm, the Imperator may reign,
Forever he shall rule, Nash Dom.
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