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Tall Pines

Home to the Hypnodrome, Tall Pines is well known throughout Edge City and features prominently in many fictional accounts of life in The Canyons.

Purpose / Function

Like all the tenement towers in The Canyons, Tall Pines was built to support the working poor community on the outskirts of Edge City. As the towers fell into disrepair and were being taken over by the Spiderweb, a group of wealthy dilettantes from The Beltway purchased several floors of Tall Pines, with plans to create an artists commune and interactive gallery. The experiment was a success, with artists and performers from all over the city setting up shop in Tall Pines, in what would eventually become the Hypnodrome  Much of Tall Pines 65 stories is still used for housing, agriculture, and shopping, but unlike most towers in the Canyons, an economically diverse group of citizens calls the tower home. Aside from the Hypnodrome, Tall Pines is home to a handful of production companies, creating movies, vid streams, and music. The tower is also home to a Securicorps barracks, and the building is regarded as one of the safest places in the Canyons.    Of course, nowhere in Edge City is outside of the influence of the Spiderweb, Tall Pines is still host to all manner of illicit activities, and is very popular among Las Plagas and The Syndicate. Red Spider and Jade Scorpion are both rumored to own suites on the upper levels.


The heavy Securicorps presence in the building keeps gang activity mostly out of the public eye, giving the illusion of safety. Tourists do come to The Canyons looking for a dangerous good time, and Tall Pines is like a safari for them.
Founding Date
Apartment building / Tenament
Parent Location

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