Las Plagas

Criminal organization run by the Red Spider, these are the enforcers of his will and the true rulers of Edge City.


Back in the 1930's, as the great quakes ravaged the southwest states of North America, most of the southern cartels fled north to what would eventually become Edge City. There were at least a dozen independent gangs, operating all over the northwest until a charismatic young criminal began to unify the cartels. Miguel Manuel Torres, also known as the Iron Spider, convinced the disparate gangs that they could be stronger together, under his leadership. Torres had connections in the earliest incarnations of the government of Edge City, and the unified cartels, now called Las Plagas, insinuated themselves into the very infrastructures of the developing city. Everything from construction projects to political campaigns were fair game, the ambition of the Iron Spider was limitless. His grip over the city came to be called the Spiderweb, and the citizens and businessmen of Edge City feared nothing more than caught inside it. The gangs power grew along with the city, and the Iron Spider, sensing his own mortality, began to look for a worthy successor. He found that and more in Sebastion Ibanez, an enterprising young lieutenant with a reputation as a cunning and ruthless leader. Torres legally adopted the boy, and took to calling him the Red Spider, and groomed the young man to take his place when the time came for him to retire. Ibanez had his own ideas, and had been planning to betray the old man from the start. The Red Spider killed the Iron Spider with his bare hands, after systematically dismantling his empire and turning his most loyal officers. The Iron Spider had always been content to rule from the shadows, his name and reputation known only to a powerful few, but the Red Spider had different ideas. He constantly flaunts his wealth and power, and has become a fixture in high society. Ibanez revels in the attention, and in the knowledge that everyone knows what he's doing but no one dares to try and stop him. Under the Red Spider the gang itself became more daring and flamboyant, openly controlling entire neighborhoods, and holding court at all of Edge City's hottest nightclubs. In recent years, the Red Spider has begun to move into high society, making public appearances in The Beltway. While Las Plagas has adopted a new style, they are undeniably even more dangerous and the citizens of Edge City live in fear of accidentally running into a strand of the Spiderweb, because if you pull on a strand you might draw the attention of the Red Spider.
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