Red Spider

Sebastian Ibanez (a.k.a. Arana Roja)

The spider at the center of all the webs, the true master of Edge City.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Sebastian is a physical specimen; he is obsessed with attaining the perfect physique. There are several teams of trainers, nutrition experts, surgeons, and sports psychologists working to push the Red Spider's body beyond what was previously believed possible.

Facial Features

Regal and perfectly symmetrical facial structure; with high cheek bones, large eyes, and full lips.

Physical quirks

Sebastian has undergone extensive plastic surgeries and bleeding edge cybernetic modifications looking for eternal youth. As a man in his mid fifties he could easily be mistaken for someone in their twenties. The Red Spider is ageless, and holds himself with uncanny poise and grace.

Special abilities

The Red Spider is a tactical savant and a master manipulator with an ability to read people so accurate it seems supernatural. People often say Sebastion can always detect and lie and it's impossible to say no to anything he asks. The Red Spider is a master of many styles of martial arts, his unparalleled athleticism and sharp wits allowing him to pick up new skills quickly.

Apparel & Accessories

Everything the Red Spider wears is bespoke and his designers are under exclusive contracts with him, so there will never be reproductions of any of his gear.

Specialized Equipment

Sebastian helped design the ultra dense fabric weave known as Silq, which has the look and feel of tradition silk but offers excellent protection against blades and small arms fire. All of his designer clothing incorporates some of amount of Silq so that the Red Spider is always prepared for assassination attempts. The Red Spider has a suit of battle armor he calls his Carapacho; it's constructed from a hard plastic/titanium alloy, to keep it light and maneuverable while offering maximum protection. The suit is red and black with a stylized spider helmet and a cache of retractable vibroblades.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1977 CE 55 Years old
Dark and dangerous
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Milky caramel
6' 2"
185 lbs


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