Edge City


Edge City is the most populous city in North Pacifica and the headquarters of Zaibatsu Tech. Incorporated and officially founded in 1936 CE, Edge City is a conglomeration of multiple cities and towns in what was once Washington state. The population of the Pacific Northwest region swelled in the 1930's, as refugees fled unstable fault lines and flooding in the southwest, to the point that cities and smaller towns began to sprawl into each other. The arrival of several giant tech corporations, Zaibatsu Tech of Japan being the most notable, provided the impetus and the capital to build a strong infrastructure and Edge City grew rapidly through the 20th century. After the The Big Shift, Edge City was home to many major innovations in technology and medicine, leading the industry in cybernetic enhancement and bionic prosthetics.


Edge City is internationally regarded as one of the technological, financial, and media capitals of the world; tourists from all over the globe travel to the city.


Edge City is a coastal city, with the western edge running along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The eastern border of the city is built right up to the edge of The Devil's Belt, the massive gorge left by a series of seismic events in the late 1980's.
Founding Date
1936 CE
19 Million

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