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Located north of the Central District, Skagitville, home of the Rock Island power plant, is primarily known as a residential neighborhood full of housing units owned by Zaibatsu Tech.

Industry & Trade

Skagitville was put together by Zaibatsu Tech to provide safe and comfortable housing for the employees of the Rock Island power plant. The many engineers, technicians, and support staff required to keep Rock Island operational are under contract to make their homes in nearby Skagitville.


Skagitville is famous for the underground tulip greenhouses beneath the neighborhood. Operation of the linked indoor grow operation is a community effort, sponsored by ZB Organics, and a source of pride for the community. There is an annual Skagitville Tulip Festival in at the end of summer, featuring parades, art sculptures, block parties, and carnival rides.


The Skagit Valley River, which winds through the northern neighborhoods of Edge City, is a central feature of Skagitville. The river divides the neighborhood into thirds, and is used much like a road. Businesses and housing units are located on the banks of the river and Zaibatsu maintains a fleet of amphibious trolleys for public transportation.
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