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Briar Patch

Originally conceived as a food source for The Canyons, the arcology fell into disrepair and was abandoned by the state. Since being acquired by the pharmaceutical megacorp, Alexion, Briar Patch has become a vital part of the economy of the neighborhood and all of Edge City.

Purpose / Function

The entire building is designed around the needs of the Alexion gardens; such as extensive series of ducts and irrigation lines run through the walls of every floor, loading docks on the ground level to receive soil and nutrient shipments, and helipads on the roof for food deliveries.   Most of Alexion's projects in Briar Patch are focused on genetically modified vegetables, fruits, and herbs; but there are also large synthetic meat incubators and a small menagerie of farm animals as well. Food produced in Briar Patch is shipped all over Edge City and to other regions in the North American Alliance.


Briar Patch's remodel was inspired by the silhouette of grain silos and water towers. The building has a cylindrical facade, with overlapping windows, and LED screen covered buttresses.


After more than 50 years of neglect, Briar Patch was dilapidated and mostly abandoned by the 2010's, when Alexion was contracted by the city to increase crop production in the arcologies of The Canyons. Briar Patch was chosen to the site of Alexion's first bio tech hydroponic gardens, and the corporation was allowed to purchase 30 floors of the tower to house the new facilities. Alexion renovated the entire building, and Briar Patch was fully occupied again shortly after construction was complete.
Arcology / Residential Complex
Parent Location
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