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The taste that can't be beat-o - head down to Sushirito's! With locations across the Canyons, Sushirito's specializes in fast, affordable Mexican and Japanese cuisine (and in-between)!    This week's specials: 
  • Order any combo value meal and get an Al Pastor roll free!
  • 2 for the price of 1 on any Makiritos or NoriTacos (specify chicken, beef, or yellowfin tuna)
  • Thinking of ordering one of our famous Ngiridillas? Sushiritify it for just 2.99!
  • Cap off any value meal with an order of our famous green tea churros - only 3.99!

Purpose / Function

Edge City's premier source for Mexican/Japanese fusion cuisine! Come satisfy that hunger and that yearning for adventure in a casual, fast-food atmosphere.


23 convenient locations throughout the Canyons. Sushirito's X-press delivery window coming to the Grapevine soon!
Parent Location

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