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A massive and foreboding tenement tower in The Canyons controlled by The Syndicate.

Purpose / Function

The first 20 floors of Grapevine are a mix of housing units, gardens, shops, and indoor parks like most of the towers in The Canyons. Everything above level 20 is strictly controlled by The Syndicate and most of the housing units have been converted to designer drug laboratories and safehouses. The top floors of Grapevine are opulent penthouse suites for high ranking Syndicate members, and the entire 72th level is one enormous suite for Jade Scorpion herself, when she is staying in the Canyons.


Standing 72 stories tall, this massive tenement tower fell into disrepair in the 2010's as the city cut back on social programs for neighborhoods on the far side of the Outer Loop Highway. The Syndicate stepped in and spent a considerable amount of resources to repair Grapevine. They also chased out most of the residents to make room for their own illicit activities. Grapevine has remained a stronghold of the Syndicate ever since, and was instrumental in the turf war they eventually won against Las Plagas.
Founding Date
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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