North American Alliance

A conglomerate of the three former North American countries, the NAA is a collection of self governed territories. While there is no centralized government the territories have agreements to aid in humanitarian or military crises.


Following closely on the heels of the Great Depression, the The Great Quakes was too much for the Union to endure. For more than a century, there had been political unrest throughout the nation and after several cities and hundreds of thousands of lives were lost the separatists, who had long been pushing for a return to confederacy, declared open war. After years of conflict, the Union fell and the United States was officially disbanded by the last President, Herbert Hoover, as his last act in office. The Continental Parliament was assembled to draft the treaties and regulations that would be the formation of a new government, the North American Alliance. New borders were drawn, old states were abolished and 9 new territories were created; and the Continental Parliament was granted power to settle disputes and to form a national military force.  At first, the NAA included the former United States and what was left of Mexico after the Great Quakes, but after their own government imploded the Canadians joined as well.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country


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