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The Archives

The Archives are a series of secret bases beneath Edge City, built long before it was called that. They contain the forgotten archives of the Illuminated Church of the Golden Sun, and more specifically the ancient sect of the Nightstalkers.    Today, they have been converted to a headquarters for Mother Superior and her proteges. While still walled with floor to ceiling bookshelves coated in dust and ancient maps on the walls, they have been updated with necessary evils: computers, medical facilities, and modern weaponry.   From time to time the old tomes prove useful though.


The exact number of archives is unknown. Mother Superior's alter ego, Niles Bennet, tirelessly searches for references to them in the ancient tomes to the end of providing more resources to the team. He suspects that the Mother Superior is hiding some from even he, erasing proof of their existence as quickly as he can find them.
Founding Date
Room, Secret, Chamber
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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