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Dua Shevchenko

Horrifically scarred when her Shifted abilities first manifested, she is never seen without her skull mask.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Before Scourge learned to control her plasma bolts she would burn herself every time she unleashed them. Now Scourge's face is covered in burn scars, especially her eye sockets and cheekbones. Her eyes always glow red and pulse with energy.

Special abilities

Scourge can fire streams of super heated plasma from her eyes, with speed and destructive power comparable to a lightning bolt.

Apparel & Accessories

Unlike most members of Las Plagas, Scourge dresses with a dramatic flair, known to wear cloaks, heavy scarves, and tall leather boots. Scourge rarely attends social functions, but will always have a skull mask to cover her disfigured face when she does.

Specialized Equipment

Red Spider himself commissioned a custom skull helmet for Scourge, built from a mix of ultra dense plastics, selected for their resistance to heat. Scourge has battle armor built from scavenged pieces of Securicorps Taskmasters suits.

Mental characteristics


Attended Spencer T. Dendridge High School, dropped out in her sophomore year.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2010 CE 22 Years old
Current Residence
Long and brown, usually tucked into her helmet
140 lbs
Aligned Organization

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