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Summer Time Readin from Camp 23

Ah, Summer Camp sure was thrilling this year, wasn't it? I managed to reach my goal once more this year, of course like everyone else. life seems to trap you in a net and leave you hanging from a tree with a pride of hungry lions trying to get you. But I managed to get out to finish in time and see that I made some excellent progress with my other worlds. Now moving on, I have come to once more do a reading challenge to take a look at some detailed articles that were made this year and give them a nice shout-out for them and the fine work being done by them.  

A seat of power (of any kind!)

The Royal Atheneum of Hövnís
Settlement | Nov 29, 2023

The prime center of science and academia in the United Worlds.

By Nimsy   This article brings to life the academic spirit of this academy dedicated to the sciences and the pursuit of knowledge for all. It detailed infarction about its programs and initiatives bringing about a deeper understanding of what the academy truly stands for, along with adding brief detail of its most well-known staff members to add a degree of life by getting a better understanding of the people who work there.  
Central Tilth
Settlement | Jul 30, 2023
By Moonlight Bard   The city that I read about here is a real kicker considering that it is in the desert and covered by a dome to keep sandstorms out. The only problem with it is that it cranks up the heat like a window-shut car. What's more the city itself is not the best to live in either as it's a caste system that oppresses the masses and leaves the wealthy in power. This goes into great detail about how the city works and the power it wields that lets it stay in power to keep you hooked on every word.    
The seat of extraordinary and unbelievable power
Settlement | Jul 12, 2023

A terrifyingly ordinary chair (that's also magical)

By TheDumbOwl   A humorous take on a chair that is so comfortable that is its land and everyone wants it to happen. It is a unique read that should make anyone laugh and see the settlement article turn upside down. Along with the comedic conversation about surrounds the selling of the chair will give you a good laugh.      

A letter sent in secret by a well-known person in your world

Alysia's Farewell
Document | Jul 11, 2023

A farewell from a sister to her brother as she made her final decision: to give her life, so that his might be spared.

By Hanhula   A letter to a loved one after death is often meant to bring closure, but it never heal the scars that come with their passing. This letter from a sister that gave her life to save her beloved brother hits you right in the feels, especially with the audio recording that comes with it will make you cry a new meaning to writing goodbye with your stories.  
Theo's Puzzle
Document | Aug 1, 2023
By DreamCartographer   This is not the average letter that you would send to someone, but when needing to keep its contents a secret it needs to be cryptic as much as possible so only the person receiving it will truly understand. In this case, it is a puzzle that is fun to try and solve. It's not easy since it makes you think of the answer that is found inside of it. This can use as a means to keep a reader invested and wanting to learn more about the events that revolve around this letter.  
Letter of Governor Alexius
Document | Jul 22, 2023

A famous letter that started a civil war.

By Callyxtus   A letter that feels more like a history lesson rather than a call for aid. The letter itself is a simple request for assistance in overthrowing a corrupt regime. However, the writing begins to go into detail about the greatest of their people ad how far they fell under their current leadership. It is an excellent way to add depth to a culture while using it to mask the ulterior motives in the letter.  

A powerful organization in your world

Chaos Eluding Intelligent Entity
Organization | Feb 2, 2024

CEIE: Masters of Chaos or Puppets of Order? Decoding the cryptic organization's divisive purpose.

By MandoMc   This article is about an organization that sought to protect the world from those who would do it harm, only to end up becoming the very things that they sought to destroy. What I enjoy about this is that it remains cryptic and secretive about what their true intentions are and the mystery of how far their power and influence can go as turned to work in the shadows rather than staying in plain sight, making it all the more intriguing to discover more about them.  
The Griddle Syndicate
Organization | Nov 20, 2023
By EmilyArmstrong   A crime organization that has dedicated itself to bringing power to the people and hurting the rich and powerful while doing it. What makes this good is that when the going gets tough just pull a Robin Hood to do some good. Sure doing things the illegal way may seem to be good in the beginning, but it eventually leads down a darker path as things get grey for the ends to justify the means.    
Voidwalker Cult
Organization | Oct 31, 2023
by Leashea   While not the most well-detailed of articles, it just gives the right amount of information to show to a reader. In this case, a cult seeks oblivion, yet does not do any to spread their faith or the true power behind it. Whatever vital information exists has been taken out, leaving more questions than answers on what keeps them influential.    

Future Plans

  My plans are pretty straightforward forward, to say the least, I am going to continue editing older articles with what I have to bring them to life with what I have currently. Much has happened in the last few months and I tell you this there have been ups and downs like everything thing else. but I do have to say that I feel good about what has been accomplished. As I expand deeper into my other worlds and attempt to write my book I have currently been lacking to write due to personal reasons. I believe that I can do it now that I have decided to take a back step back from writing for the past few weeks and have been able to enjoy other things in life so far. But have being plans for the rest of the year and you will see them soon enough. But for now, just read and take care of yourself before you start slamming your head into a table, it simply isn't worth the fuss, until next time.

Honorable Mentions

Dinurb O Lusgafn
Settlement | Jan 23, 2024
Settlement | Dec 10, 2023
Dalreme Castle
Settlement | Feb 21, 2024

The Deathbed of a Kingdom

Settlement | Sep 27, 2023

A town in Vagrigh that is the base of operations of the Gatherers of the Past

The Sun's Throne
Settlement | Jul 14, 2023
Settlement | Jul 6, 2023
Settlement | Jul 3, 2023
Shi no Yosai
Settlement | Jul 3, 2023

The seat of power for the Kamejin military.

Settlement | Oct 19, 2023

Capital and crowning jewel of the Medimian Empire.

Domain of the Lord of Glamour
Settlement | Jul 4, 2023
Rondius' Ultimatum
Document | Aug 1, 2023
Letter from Lord Nikodim to Madam Barcleft of the Silks
Document | Jul 31, 2023
Queen Sable's Secret Letter
Document | Jul 26, 2023
Concerning the Gem and Ferrous Dragons
Document | Jul 27, 2023

A threatening letter sent to the leader of the new-age F-G rebellion.

To: The Death
Document | Nov 12, 2023
The Dominion of The Polympian Empire
Organization | Apr 9, 2024
Children of the Ascended
Organization | Jul 6, 2023
The Multi-Realm Assembly of Mystic Life
Organization | Aug 4, 2023
Elven Republic
Organization | Jul 7, 2023


For anyone paying attention to recent events, I have decided to give a shot at being a sponsor at this year's summer camp. In my case, I was given A seat of power (of any kind!)with a whopping four hundred and seventy-six articles to go through and I tell you it was a breathtaking and mind-numbing experience for me to say the least. I can tell you this much it was hard to choose from which articles to pick for a winner and I broke it down to the settlement articles found here. So congratulations to anyone whose article made it here and expected the results to be in at the summer awards ceremony so stay tuned.


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Aug 23, 2023 21:18 by Haly the Moonlight Bard

Such a great review! I'm really proud of that article, and the growing rebellion stirring there is the central plot of my next novel, which I'll be drafting in November. (It's loosely called "Murder at Spectrum Spire" for the moment.) Thanks for reading, and I'm super pleased you enjoyed it!!! <3

Aug 24, 2023 20:07

Thank you for placing my article in honorable mentions! :D