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Jevron Sloan

As seen in

Jevron Sloan (a.k.a. Jev) (He/Him)

Jevron "Jev" Sloan is a Human male born on Aten. He is nineteen a the start of the story. He is one of the small number of Humans left on Aten. 
Jev is easily frustrated and discouraged. He is often frustrated by his lack of powers and inability to help his friends fight. He has extensive knowledge of how the Aten government works.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Tall and lanky. Muscular.

Facial Features

Dusting of freckles under his sunburn

Identifying Characteristics

Jagged white scars across his hands and wrists that resemble lightning bolts.

Special abilities

No powers

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jev was born in Astrid, Aten to Cassandra Sloan. Jev's father was killed before he was born during a raid. Jev's mother, Cassandra, was a scholar in service to the Saeris figureheads on Aten. She helped keep the Saeris in power after their takeover in exchange for her son's safety and certain freedoms. When Jev was only three years old, Saeris General Ivan Alazander arrived on Aten and entrusted his daughter, Annalise, to Cassandra's care. Jev bonded with Annalise, even considering her an older sister, and was educated alongside her. General Alazander favored Jev's mother. They had two children, Zyler and Remi, who were bothZahren. Cassandra bargained with General Alazander for protections and freedoms for Jev and his half-siblings.    Jev, along with Annalise, explored the Astran Assembly Compound and the Lux District where they lived. They often hid from Artificer Clayde Armistyce and other Saeris officials. Together they both learned numerous things about the remaining Astran Assembly and government that the Saeris had plans to establish on Aten. Jev excelled in his education and often competed with Annalise for top marks. Annalise taught Jev how to hack into the local network and mess with the Saeris' records.   In the Year 82590, just after nightfall, the Siege of Astrid began. tTe Saeris launched their final push to exterminate the Astran government and fully install their own rule. General Alazander had taken Annalise to a bunker and left the rest vulnerable to the Saeris purge. A Rebel group of Zahren and Humans led by the Lightning Woman broke into the government compound and attempted to extract any of the Human and Zahren officials that they could. One Rebel group was tasked with finding and rescuing Cassandra and her children. Under heavy fire and shelling, Rebels successfully passed Zyler and Remi into the underground tunnels and to safety. One Rebel codenamed Ozera had found Jev and Cassandra, but Saeris guards attacked them before they could escape. During a short exchange of pulse blasts, Cassandra is injured and captured by the Saeris. She urged Ozera to take Jev and run. Ozera took Jev, and they fled into the underground tunnels. In the chaos, Jev was separated from Ozera and became lost.    Jev passed between different refugee groups in the tunnels and across several cities. Three years after the Seige of Astrid, Jev made contact with Annalise. General Alazander had left Aten after the Siege, but Annalise remained on the planet and was working within one of the new government's ministries. She had secretly been helping the Rebels relocate refugees and had arranged smugglers to help refugees off of Aten. She had already sent Zyler and Remi to Cressida and had offered to help Jev off-world. Jev refused and decided to remain among the Rebel cells. Annalise told him that she would remain on Aten as long as he remained. Jev continued to travel with the Rebel cells and occasionally reaching out to Annalise for information.    In the Year 82597 while delivering information to a broker, Jev encountered two young women from Oberon; a Dyani named Aubrey and a Zahren named Addi. They had recently arrived on Aten and were in need of a guide. They hired Jev and with his knowledge of the planet and the people, they began searching for a certain Rebel cell. And in the Year 82598, Jev located Kannan Zeke and Nash Vega.


Aten Primary Academy, Technical Academy of Aten

Failures & Embarrassments

Lack of power/abilities as a Human.

Mental Trauma

He lived under direct Saeris occupation in Astrid. He watched his mother be arrested and had to flee for his life.

Personality Characteristics


Friendship, family, freedom, adventure

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: thunderstorms, stargazing, reading   Dislikes: sand, heat


Religious Views

Follower of Aisling

Social Aptitude

Introverted extrovert


Great at code switching


Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Date of Birth
Day 315
Year of Birth
82579 19 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born during the Saeris invasion of Aten.
Current Residence
Star Rift
Presented Sex
Gender Identity
Male: He/him/his
Light blue (wears a green lens on his left eye)
Sun bleached, shaggy blond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White, tanned
185 cm (6'0")
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Basic, Jaa

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Character Portrait image: by Nase Nikyuu


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18 Mar, 2022 20:50

Again, I really love the profile pictures you have for the characters! Jev definitely seems quite smart. And the phrase introverted extrovert really suits him! :) I feel bad that he had to witness him mother be arrested, but at least he's still free, so he can help.

19 Mar, 2022 00:21

Thank you! <3 My partner introduced me to the character creator. I thought I had it linked somewhere but I don't see it. I'll have to find it. Jev was one of the first characters I came up with. He's one of my favorites. Introverted extrovert is the perfect definition of him. I'm very Introverted and he's kind of a mix of me and how I wish I was. I feel bad for giving everyone traumatic backstories but it defines who they are now and how they interact with the world around them. Jev plays a huge part in this story and a lot of how he responds to things is based on his upbringing.

19 Mar, 2022 02:16

Ooh, character creators are always fun! And I really like Jev from what I've read. I totally get mixing yourself into your characters, making them different from you, but more or less how you would love to be! Don't feel bad about giving them traumatic backstories, it makes characters much more interesting. I've given my characters from worlds I've deleted (and am currently rewriting) lots of horrifying (there's no nicer way to say it than horrifying) backstories! Are you planning on posting your story here on World Anvil? I'd love to read it if you do! It sounds like it'll be great. :D

19 Mar, 2022 05:03

I had too much fun with it XD My partner, Akiyas, and I spent a night just creating our characters. I have 5 (rough) chapters written right now. I have them posted in the Manuscripts ( I also have them posted on a popular story-sharing website but the engagement there isn't great. I don't update it enough to really get any new views. I post some things in my Discord. I need to use it more though. Akiyas and I are wanting to start some writing nights or something like that because we are horrible at actually taking time to write. I haven't even touched chapter 6 in 4 months.

20 Mar, 2022 18:39

Haha, hey, I don't blame you, I love character creators! I'll certainly have to check the characters in the manuscripts out at some point. I haven't written any new articles for the most part since I deleted all my old worlds, so oops! XD And that sounds fun, doing writing nights. I understand the struggle, getting oneself to write isn't easy most of the time!