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The Lightning Woman

The Lightning Woman is a legend that originates from the planet Aten. In the years following the Saeris Invasion of Aten, a powerful general from the Zahren Rebellion changed the tone of the battle. This general had the ability to control electricity. The general could easily go against a Saeris or even a group of Saeris. This general was one of the Saeris' targets for elimination.   Because of this general's unique abilities, it was rumored that they were a Voltyn. Though it was never confirmed, the Lightning Woman was known for creating bolts of lightning, a distinct symbol of the Voltyn people.


The Lightning Woman had unique abilities that allowed her to control electricity. This is an extremely rare ability and the mastery that this woman had over her abilities is unheard of. The woman had joined the Zahren Rebellion in response to the Saeris Invasion. This woman used her abilities to directly fight Saeris. She was labeled as a threat to the Saeris. Her presence allowed for the Rebellion to gain momentum and achieve progress in fighting off the Saeris.   The Great Battle of Aten was the turning point in the Saeris Invasion. Rebellion cells converged on the Reylon Military Outpost, Astrid Military Center, Halen Military Center, and the Reshen Central Control Nexus on Day 70 of Year 82584. The Rebellion raided these compounds from the next three days causing extreme damage to Saeris equipment and causing high numbers of Saeris casualties.   In the early hours on Day 74, Saeris Special Forces located the compound of the Zahren General Lyra Acxa, the person known as the Lightning Woman. In the following weeks after the Zahren defeat, the bodies of that Special Forces team and Acxa were found among the ruins of a compound in the Reylon desert. As light broke on Day 74, the Zahren lost their momentum and the Saeris regained control. What members of the Rebellion that were eliminated in the following weeks. Very few escaped. Saeris regained control of Aten.


Stories of the Lightning Woman spread throughout the universe. There have been reports of her on other planets, but it was confirmed by the Saeris that the general known as the Lightning Woman had been eliminated.
Date of First Recording
Year 82570
Date of Setting
Year 82584
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