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The Waywards

They are a group of young people who were born into a world dominated by the Saeris. They know no time without Saeris controlling their lives. They only know of stories from a time before. Everyone else failed; letting the Saeris gain control. Their lives are fading. But for the young group, their lives are just beginning. They have nothing to loose and everything to gain. They are the crew of the Star Rift; rebels fighting for their planets and their peoples.    Hailing from across the universe, our Waywards have gathered on Aten. Calling the starship the Star Rift home, this deviant group fights against the Saeris invaders.


The Waywards are a group of young people that have come together during some of the lowest points of their lives. They have created a family of sorts. Together, they make up the crew of the Star Rift.   Aubrey Zahn and Zeb Yaeger pilot the ship.


The Dyani ship, The Star Rift


Wayward is the name given to an individual who has strayed from the cultural norms of a society. Every society has Waywards. There will always be someone who deviates from the norms; always someone who society others.    Kannan Zeke became a Wayward when he joined the Owen's Clan and devoted his life to fighting the Saeris. Aubrey Zahn was made a Wayward by her family. As the youngest child and daughter of the Dyani Royal Family, she had no purpose other than being a pretty face. Samirah Callaway became a Wayward when the Saeris took her family from her. Zeb Yaeger didn't intend to become a Wayward. Having never experienced oppression until leaving his homeworld, Zeb saw the reality that he lived in. Addilyn Remmington had every intention of becoming a Wayward. She would do and give anything to protect her sister. Jevron Sloan was born a Wayward. His species hunted and dying; everything is done for survival. Nash and Jaymes Vega were born to Waywards. Two people who  diverged from everything they had known to fight for the greater good. Values that were passed onto their children. Gabriel Vaughn is and has been a Wayward in all senses. Breaking the ascribed to binary, disappearing from the path set out for them, challenging what it means to be.
Founding Date
Day 280 of Year 82598
Civilian, Crew
Official Languages
Organization Vehicles

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