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Star Walkers

"Through the Stars they have walked...   Through the Stars they have waged war...   ...Created life...   ...Survived...   All things ebb + flow...   Life. Vision. Vengeance."         The Star Walkers are the Followers of Éabha, Aisling, Drust. The Followers keep to the ways of Éabha, life itself; Aisling, the eternal encompassing visions of life; and Drust, the unyielding vengeance. They know that Éabha, Aisling, and Drust still walk the stars. Believers acknowledge that Éabha, Aisling, Drust affect life, but do not keep to the ways. They believe that the time of Éabha, Aisling, and Drust has come and gone. The worlds in which we reside are the result of their actions.


All military organizations fall under the teachings of Drust and contradict the teachings of Éabha.

Mythology & Lore

Éabha. Aisling. Drust.   Life. Vision. Vengeance.   They led the universe into being. And they will lead the universe to it's death.   The Rift that divides the universe, once the battle ground of Life and Vengeance and the birthplace of the Shadows...of the Visions.


Lead by the Great Clairvoyant, Seers seek to find understanding of the world's event through the Deities Scripts.

Life. Vision. Vengeance.

Religious, Other
Alternative Names
Followers. Believers.
Followers. Walkers.
Leader Title
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
Permeated Organizations
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