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Saeris are powered individuals hailing from Janus. They are called the Conquerors and have a variety of powers.   Saeris are characterized by bright glowing eyes and fanged teeth.     There are a considerable number of Saeris that reside and call Cressida home. Ten millennia ago there was a rift in the Saeris; the majority supported conquering their neighboring and peaceful planets. The minority opposing the colonization of others fled into space. They had formed a colony of space fairing ships near the Rift, an asteroid field between Thule and Cressida that hosts space stations in its orbit. The Angels granted those Saeris passage and refuge on Cressida. Today, the Saeris are thriving on Cressida and working alongside the Angels. While having their own government, they are still subject to the Angels' Monarchy and Central Government. The Angels allow certain numbers of fleeing Saeris and Zahren/Others to immigrate to Cressida.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
500-750 years
Geographic Distribution

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