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Astrid is the capital city and main space port of Aten. Astrid is the largest city and the largest of Aten's domed cities. The city was founded in the Year 67599, just after outsiders made contact with Aten. Astrid remains the transportation hub for the planet and the location of the Astran Assembly and the Astran Miltary Center.   The Astran Assembly Compound and the majority of the Lux District were destroyed during the Siege of Astrid in 82590. As of 82596 both had been rebuilt. Saeris are the primary citizens followed by Zahren. There are very few Humans that live inside the Astran Dome.


Mostly Saeris, Zahren, and the few immigrants to Aten. There is a small number of Humans.


Aten is governed by the Astran Assembly, a governing body consisting of representatives from the six regions and military leaders.    Astrid is governed by a city council consisting of representatives from each district. The council makes requests to the Astran Assembly for funding, protections, changes in legislation, etc.


Astrid has a pulse ray dome spanning the perimeter of the city. The dome protects from high temperatures, the elements, and minor pulse attacks from star ships. The Astran Military Center provides for the rest of the defense of Astrid and community policing.


The space port, military complexes, Assembly Ministries, and hospitality sectors employ the majority of Astrans. The Solar Train originates and terminates at the Astran Transport Complex. There are daily shuttle flights to Janus from the Rael Space Port. There are many shops and restaurants in the Astran City Center. The majority of Astran residents are wealthy and support much of the economy through purchasing power. There are a number of large scale mining operations that take place in the deserts surrounding the Astran Dome.


Astrid sits on top of the largest aquifer on Aten. In the early days of Aten, Astrid rested in a river valley in a dense forest. The surrounding land was fertile until the planet began dying. The surrounding lands are still mineral and ore rich. From that point, Astrid has remained a wealthy center for some of Aten's most prominent citizens and inhabitants.

Guilds and Factions

The Space Fairers Guild controls all operations of of Rael Space Port. The Guild has existed longer than the Saeris' presence on Aten and has fought back against Saeris control on their operations. The Saeris allow the Guild to remain in control of the Space Port.     The Star Walkers have a small faction of followers in Astrid. There is a small temple in the Convalla District (district where immigrants settle).


Much of the traditional architecture was destroyed during the Siege.
Founding Date
Year 67599
Alternative Name(s)
The Great City, the Great Dome
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under

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