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Meadow Gnomes *WIP*

  • Live on the edge of Unicorn Meadow *WIP* and far away from the territorial Unicorns *WIP*.
  • Gnome/s *WIP* with a lot of Elf/ves *WIP* in them, giving them blue hue *WIP* (and hair???).
  • Kinda like the Shire, but more Mima Mounds.
  • Have giant angora rabbit instead of chickens. Like fuzzy stones. Brush them and make yarn from them.
  • They do lots of spinning of thread and fine yarns here.
  • And they make bobbin lace. Every house has a family-heirloom pattern that only that family makes.
  • They make most of the lace for the country. They may even dye it blue as a signature (from berries?).
  • Have salvaged the homewood timber *WIP* stumps for lumber or outright converted into homes or at the very lest doorways.


Common Dress code

Mostly white and lots of lace. Edwardian lingerie or lawn dresses. Short heels, white socks or stockings. Bright blue shirts? Meadow Gnome wizards wear red conical hats, though the head wizard wears a white hat.

Funerary and Memorial customs

It is said that Azrael, the cat of Death, comes for all Meadow Gnomes in the end.

Common Myths and Legends

A long time ago, one of The Grail Gknights *WIP* was riding by on his quest and stopped at a vast field of blue-laced tree stumps and his heart grew sad at the site. The desolation stayed with him all his life and when he retired he vowed to do something with the place. So he found some like-minded gnomes and set up a colony in Unicorn Meadow *WIP*. He became a father to the village, a papa, if you will. As time wear on, Elf/ves *WIP* started to make pilgrimages to this site of the once vast The Home Woods *WIP*. Rather than being angry with these gnome squatters, the Elves were glad to see the place still inhabited. Eventually Gnome/s *WIP* and Elves became friends and intermarried, thus creating the blue Meadow Gnomes we have today.

Historical figures

"Papa", the founder of the meadow gnomes.
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