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The Mycobiota of Lilienwelt The World of Lady Kibblesmith and Co.

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Redemption. Transmogrification. Trash and garbage. Mushrooms. 1980’s sci-fi-fantasy cartoon shows and movies. 1980’s sci-fi and fantasy movies. Pastoral adventure. Far from home. If The Wizard of Oz and Howl’s Moving Castle or Nausicaa had a baby. A princess, a dog, a little old lady, and her mom, a cat. And the magic in making bread.   This is a world and a story written as a playground for my kid to enjoy. In it are all the things I love from my childhood being raised in Germany in the 1980’s and growing-up in America in the 1990’s. And also blended with our lives now in the 2020’s. And spatterings from history for precedent. I’m writing all of this for my family, but if others enjoy it that’s cool, too.   A warning, though. Here there be puns. Also heavily inspired by the humor of The Discworld series, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Monty Python. I find Mr. Bean fascinating. I don’t think the humor or puns are overwhelming, but they are there.