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Elf/ves *WIP*

  • Human. Originally Vanillas that settled near a special patch of blue fungus, together they evolved into the Homewoods and the half-fey Elves.
  • Mostly only live in the City now.
  • 1960's aesthetics, more mod than hippy. Bohemian Vulcans.
  • MacramĂ©, and tatting.
  • The most fey-like of all human races/ethnicity. They are host to more fungus than most people. They can hear it, talk to it. They can see the glow better than any other, even in broad daylight.
  • Keep bonsai versions of homewoods in their homes called family trees.
  • Blue skin because the wood is blue, the fungus is blue, and there are the blue people of Kentucky, the Fugates!
  • And because of the blue fungus, elves are mildly telepathic, but can only 'talk' to others with the same kind of fungus. This means that they can 'talk' to the homewood, unicorns, maybe even other uni-aminals and wolpertingers, and with the Meadow Gnomes.
  • Also maybe have a kinship with termites and leaf-cutter ants.
  • Can also spread their blue fungus to other sympathetic trees and plants, becoming one with them. All they have to do is ask the plants to grew and the Elves can guide them into any shape. Chairs, even whole builds can be made this way.
Mexican mole lizard’s

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

'Hippy', nature inspired: Crystal, Bunny, Poppy, Forest, Thunder, Stormy, Gemma, Peridot, Ruby, ect... Earthy, flowers, gems, animals, you get the idea. The interesting thing is that names like 'Poppy' and 'Bunny' have the repeated consonants of Giants' names, so somewhere in these people genealogy is a giant!

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