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The Home Woods *WIP*

  • In the before time (before the war), Elf/ves *WIP* lived under and in the boughs of the Home Woods. The magical trees, riddled with blue fungus, gave off a light of their own and were said to whisper when the wind blew through them and would tell you where the wind came from.
  • The Elves were apart of the trees and their whole ecosystem. The same blue fungus in the trees also grew on and in the human Elves.
  • It was a land of harmony and memory.
  • Then the Dwarf/s *WIP* heard of the talking wood and started chopping down and hauling off the Homewood to made shoring for their mines. The Elves fought fiercely and with the aid of the Unicorns *WIP* drove off the Dwarfs, but the damage was done and in the end the Dwarfs had taken too much.
  • All that is left of the Homewood now is a horizon of stained stumps, overgrown with grasses and wild flowers. In the middle of the vast, depressing field of rainbow hued flowers is a small clump of trees struggling to survive. These are all that remain of the only original homewood grove.
  • This land is now called the Unicorn Meadow *WIP*. This copse is patrolled by the very haughty unicorns who have ground a taste for the fungal wood. They perpetually prune back the homewood trees, and guard the sweet new shoots jealously, giving the trees no chance to grow back to their once prodigious empire.
  • And is also home to the Meadow Gnomes *WIP*
  • When the war began, many Elves fled from the home as refugees. Some found homes in the near by towns, but by far the most welcoming place was the City *WIP*
  • Now, the vast majority of Elves live in the City and have for generations. Most will embark on the Return *WIP*, a yearly pilgrimage to catch a glimpse of the copse, if the Unicorns permit.
  • At home, most tend to there tiny family trees *WIP*, grown from clipping they smuggled out during The Plundering of the Homewood *WIP*. Or visit the Botanical Gardens and Zoo *WIP* in the City, a gift from the sorry, not sorry Dwarfs.
  • The leaves are also kinda blue, different shades of blue depending on how old the tree is.
  • When the Dwarfs craved into the homewood timber *WIP*, the groves they carved would fill up with sap and glow. So it looked like the runes glowed.
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