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homewood timber *WIP*

  • Oak, hazel, rowan, pine, not a specific species of tree, but a tree that has become the host of the blue fungus. It can be many different kinds of trees, a whole diverse forest.
  • Some of it even grows in secret in the Woods, though this is not what is in the Heart of the Woods.
  • This wood has been infused with magical blue fungus. It gently glows blue in the dark and has a faint sweat smell. Periodically, lavender colored sap will ooze out of the cut timber of tunnel cribbing frames. It doesn't matter what kind of tree the timber is, they all sweet the same color. Do not lick it, it is not candy despite what it might whisper to you. If you chew on it you will see weird things darting out of your vision from the corner of your eye and taste square for hours. And the last song you heard will run on repeat the entire time. It will also sound oval. You will see things that are really there and hear the things that can now see you. It scrambles your brain, kind of rewired it for a short time, so that you become an antennae of the blue fungus, but only until your immune system can kick the freeloaders out.
  • Even if you don't touch it, just by being near it, the naked timber will whisper to you if you are all alone in the dark. It will tell you what's in the dark. Lick it and you will see what's in the dark, but now whatever is there can see you, too.
  • Even cut and carved, the wood stays 'alive'.
  • For the Elves, homewood gave them sight beyond sight. They knowledge, senses extended beyond what they could see and touch. They were connected to the trees and through the trees to the world around them. They¬†were the world. They knew where the wind came from because they heard it with the trees. But when the Home Wood was pillaged their world was gradually chipped back to the stumps that were their fingers. It happened slowly, with the falling of each tree, their world grew smaller and quieter. The old, old ones remember what it felt like, still have a sort of phantom limb syndrome. But there are few of them left. The old ones (grandparents) fell an ache they can never remedy and it has made them bitter and coldly cynical of the non-elf world. They tend their family trees and lament that they can't feel beyond. The modern generations tend their family trees and are happy to have the connections they do have. They feel special to have this shared heritage with the trees, the very trees their ancestors saved from the Pillaging. They feel superior to non-tree folk.
  • For the Dwarf, the homewood means safety, security. It is literally their nightlight in the dark.
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