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Unicorns *WIP*

  • The 'tradition' unicorns are very arrogant, haughty.  Seductive, but not in sexual way.
  • These unicorns are very passionate, almost lusty, jealous of anyone getting near their grove.
  • Though they can be persuaded some peppermint candy.
  • The homewood saplings are like sugarcane to them.
  • And the horns, the alicorns, are about an ell long or as tall as a gnome.  The alicorns are actually a spiraling fungus protrusion (fruiting body?) that is possibly unrelated to the homewood's fungus.  These alicorns are very hard and pointy and the unicorns wield them like sabers. I bet they also have a faint blue grow at night, too. I think they can break or even snap off.
  • Males will even fence with their horns in mating rituals.
  • These are not passive creatures. They are very aggressive and will charge at you. A lowered horn is a threat, not an act of submission. Unless you've got some peppermint, but then they will remember that you had some that one time and will harass you every time they see you. The unicorns remember.
  • Would the animals be blue or maybe they be a rainbow of pastel colors depending on what they ate and how much they had?
  • Unicorns, because of the homewood fungus in their systems, have a very mild telepathic field that Elves and Meadow Gnomes can pick up on and communicate through, but only in the rudimentary way.
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