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Goblins *WIP*

  Fey. Mirror of Dwarf/s *WIP* and Elf/ves *WIP*? Hated by Dwarfs, but why?   Born of Dwarf greed and Elf anger (or outrage?), goblins were spawned shortly after The Plundering of the Homewood *WIP*. The homewood timber *WIP*, butchered and carved into beams, listened to the hearts of the slighted Elves and began to cry in the deep madness of the Dwarf Mines. Lavender tears ran down the blue veined wood and pooled together to form id pearl *WIP*. Theses dark purple pearls formed anywhere along the lengths of homewood timber; at the bottoms of posts, on the sides of beans, or hanging down from crosspieces. When these eggs (or seeds or spores, depending on your theology) had gained enough emotion momentum, they burst and new life tumbled forth. These neonate goblins, borne unto darkness such that night was their day, with the whispers of the wood in their heads and the greed for gold and shiny things in their hearts, ran forth throughout the tunnels and brought anarchy to the unsuspecting Dwarfs! For every goblin cut down it seemed like dozens sprouted up to avenge it. Eventually, the Dwarfs were so exhausted that they just drove the goblins out into the mountain snows. From there the goblins migrated down into The Salt Wastes? *WIP*, Lake Placeholdername *WIP*, and the Liebewäld *WIP* and the rest of Lilienwelt *WIP*.   Because of the fundamental nature of goblins they find deep sympathy and empathy with all the world’s trash and discarded things. Because they are the world’s trash. They absolutely know what it means and feels like to be tossed away, to be shooed off for being ‘disagreeable and unattractive’. And this is why they find beauty in all the small things in life. Sunbeams, birdsong, mice whispers, babbling brooks… This is why goblins watch the world go by. They aren’t idly watching, but witnessing. They are giving those lost moments a home in their soul.   Born to inflict pain and destruction, on their own they found love and acceptance.     Can not reproduce. ‘New’ goblins can only come from the Dwarf mines.   They seem very silly to Humen *WIP* at times. Very curious creatures. Do things their own way.  
  • Don’t know if they wear underwear.
  • Don’t know if there are wizard goblins.
  • Don’t know if they have hair.
  • Long and pointy ears, noses, and fingers. Ears extensions of brow bone. Very triangular face.
  • Greens, browns, and greys for skin tone. 1990's aesthetic grunge, baggy clothes, all hand-me-downs, dumpster-finds. Hoodies, JNCO-ish pants (they're baggy and big because they are really vanilla sized and trimmed down to be goblin sized), flip flops, (because they too can be trimmed to size).
  • Fascinated by shells and thing from the ocean, such an alien and foreign world to them. maybe even a currency for them? Pucca shell necklaces?
  • Scrounging and foraging. Collecting, recycling, repurposing, Victorian Rag Men, flea markets, rummage sales
  • Raccoons, rats, foxes, hedgehogs, toads/frogs, spiders, the shadow creatures that frighten and fascinate those that dwell in the cheerful daylight. The wildlife that flood a city or town on the tide of twilight.
  • The homeless and runaways will always find compassion and an open door with the Goblins. They collect all kinds of dross, after all. Very guarded and inquisitive people. If you show them kindness they will not forget it; they will also never forget the boot that kicks them. They keep grudges and are very spiteful. Mild pranks.
  • Keep giant jumping spiders as pets and steeds. The pet spiders also have pet frogs.
  • Plarn in place of burlap. They do make it themselves, but it is very crude and easy to make. (*This may be a plot hole as one of the things about the fey is that they can't really make things, they can't do multiple stage constructions. Like bread is too complicated to make for them. Plarn is cutting plastic bags into loops them connecting them to wined into a ball or used in like toothbrush rugs or nalbinding. Will have to think about it more.*)
  • They can collect the raw materials for things, but they have no creative imagination to make something from those materials. They can cut plastic grocery bags to make plarn, but they can not make a rug from it. They can collect wheat, but not make bread. They could follow a recipe, if they could read Vanilla.
  • That being said, most goblins and Fey *WIP* in general are illiterate and use a crude writing system based on symbols when they wish to communicate with each other.
  • If a goblin does have a head for numbers and language, then they are trained up and learn to read and write Vanilla and become Hobgoblins and are denoted by their 'spectacles' and tall top hats.
  • Know the Woods inside and out and know all the good foraging places.
  • Buttons are there coins.
  • Notorious bad spellers in that they spell phonetically.
  • Do they eat and if yes, what?
  • Why do they sell things? Why do they?
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