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Fey *WIP*

  • Call 'vanilla humans' 'vanies' or 'nillas'.
  • Might be made/created/spawned from the mushrooms and not “bred” like Humen *WIP* are.
  • They have no gender as they do not sexually reproduce, there for they do not have ‘private parts’. A lot of fey, to our humen eyes, look naked as many do not value clothing. To them it is just decoration, not concealment or modesty. 
  • These are creatures that are created when a human, like a giant or dwarf, live in proximity of the magic/terraforming mushrooms/fungus. Like they are listening or making their on versions of those people, but these are exaggerations of those people.
  • It’s not even a height thing were tall human=tall fey, so tall humans do make tall fey, but the emotions are the main thing.
  • Fey are more like caricatures of the people that live close to them. They are parodies of humans, shadows of them.
  • These are corporeal beings, for the most part. They are more like vehicles for the fungus to explore and interact with the world. Or kinda like a fungus construct or a mushroom golem. A fungus in animal or plant form. A walking, thinking fungus with its own agenda.
  • What do they eat, do they even eat? What do they eat? What do fairies eat???

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