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Dragons *WIP*

  • Based off of olms, these are salamanders about as long as your forearm, white to pink in color, are blind, and have frilled gills.
  • They are voracious hunters.
  • They live deep in underwater cave systems that span from the Woods to the Dwarf Mountains. And can be found in some springs and wells in the Woods. They ones in the Dwarf Mountains are a little bigger.
  • There is some debt as to whether or not the dragons are adults or juveniles. There are legend from the Dwarfs that there are much bigger dragon in the Mines, but no one openly talks about it. To talk about it is to call it.
  • These dragons are some of the primary beasts the gknights go out and fight when they are roaming.
Rumored to like the fruit of some cacti, like dragon fruit.   Like pink things, like crocodiles. Easily distracted by pink flowers.   Males are smaller than females, who can become so large they became Basilisk *WIP*.
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