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Desert Goblins *WIP*

  • The goblins here are more toad and lizard like that their more arboreal relatives.
  • Born from the towering spires of prototaxites fungus that take the place of saguaro and Mexican giant cardon cacti.
  • Like tortoises, armadillos, and jackalopes.
  • Favor bandana and paisley patterns. Gingham?
  • Look to cowboys, gaucho, and Native Americans for inspiration. Well, why limit it to just the Americans? Look into Australia, the Middle East, Africa, and China for desert garb and customs inspo. Gobi, Namibia, Nazca, Atacama, Mojave.
  • Look to Egypt, the Incas, Romans, and India for cistern techniques.
  • Love desserts.
  • Where live? In what?
  • Here in the Desert the Goblins and the Dwarfs have made a tentative peace as the weather and the environment is the bigger enemy.
  • Have the longest ears of all the goblins.
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