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Summer Camp 2019 Homework

Written by EmperorCharlesII

The sages speak of great trials ahead for the worlds of the Multiverse. Demons that lurk in the shadows, waiting to strike unsuspecting scribes looking to describe the world’s wonders. Strange riddles that can be only by solved by careful revision and well-placed arcane connections. Art and histories that are at risk of disappearing forever into the Unending Abyss
  So in other words, Summer Camp is coming.   This is my first time doing Summer Camp, as I was working way too much last summer to participate in the prompts. Thankfully I’ve saved them, so I’m doing them for preparation for the real deal in July. You can see them on Twitter under the hashtag #WASC2018in2019.   My goals for summer camp relate to a project that I actually started around this time last year: the world of Orkanis. My old D&D 4e group (based in the world of Endaman) can’t meet very often anymore, so I made a new group built of people who’ve never played D&D before. I haven’t got them to sign up for Heroes yet, but small steps cross the river (which is an expression that I just made up). First, let’s get them a world they can hang out in…   GOAL 1: Complete all 30 prompts of Summer Camp (and the 30 from last year too).   Even after the first three days of my self-imposed Summer Camp, I’m not even beginning to slow down. I mean, I’ve done NaNoWriMo three times and won all three times; I don’t exactly lack motivation. Now only 57 days and 58 prompts to go…   GOAL 2: Have at least one third (20) of the articles created as part of the 60 prompts have pictures or art.   This one’s the real hard one. I’ve just been starting making my own art for my worlds, as I sometimes find little insights along the way. All the same, it’s a big investment of my time, so I feel like one-third is a doable goal for me. For me, the goal isn’t quantity, but quality.   Follow my progress on my Twitter (linked below) and GET WORLDBUILDING!   UPDATE: #WASC2018in2019 is complete! I currently have all 30 prompts from last year filled and eagerly awaiting the prompts for this year. On the art front, 11 of the 30 prompt articles have art, but I'm going to make more tomorrow.   See Summer Camp Progress for more information about how well that's going!
Cover Art Credit: Milladamen (@milladamen on WorldAnvil)

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