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Nëra Tree

Written by EmperorCharlesII

The pain is unbearable. You didn't think that the bridge would give out so suddenly. It plunged you onto the rocks below. You don't even want to look at whatever is left of your leg right now. It hurts. By the Free Ones it hurts. You've never felt so much pain your life.   Just before you pass out from the pain, you see a red and orange face lean down over you, a frown playing over its lips...   ~   You wake up in a small room. You feel linen covers and smell something akin to mint. You try to sit up, but your leg yelps in pain.   "My sweet child," a thin voice coos from outside your vision, "You should rest. You have been through enough. Let the nëra'ë bring you strength." You give a weak smile and lay back again on the warm bed.  


A Nëra Tree has a very thick bark, often taking up a third of the tree’s diameter. This is to protect it from insects and also due to the harvesting practices of the berilar. The leaves of the tree are near-perfect circles, and the tree is an evergreen. The tree also bears a small amount of dark red fruit, not unlike apples in shape and size.  

Medicinal Uses

Nëra Trees are highly revered by the berilar for a reason; their bark is one of the most potent cure-all’s that the Forest Elves have found. Carved off and ground into a powder, it is often mixed with oil and applied to wounds as an antiseptic. It can also be mixed with water, forming a “tea” that is used to treat stomach pains and intestinal troubles.   The leaves and fruit are believed to have medicinal properties as well. The leaves, when burned, have a delightful scent that is often used to clean the air of a space. The fruits are often sliced and skinned to give to sick people to boost their recovery. Both of these items have also been used in potions and magical salves as well, with some success depending on the skill of the alchemist.  


The deepest part of the forest is where one finds these trees. They aren’t very numerous, as they only spread their seeds every five years. They require a significant amount of water, so many are found by ponds and rivers.   Termites and beetles love to nest in the thick bark of the Nëra Tree. This is believed to be because of the magical properties of the bark, which may stave off the aging of these insects.   Some songbirds have made their nests in the boughs of the Nëra Tree. These birds are the primary way that the seeds of the tree are spread.  


Many forests and woodlands contain Nëra Trees, although there are rarely more than a dozen or so. Any significantly-sized wooded area will have one or two. Large clumps of Nëra Trees have been seen in some of the more wild regions of the Quaking Wood in Quempo.
Nëra Tree
  The Nëra tree, with its signature leaves and fruit.


A Nëra Tree grows very slowly. A sapling might take two centuries to reach adult size, and the adult tree can live indefinitely as long as it is not felled by the weather or another creature.  

Average Height

Approximately 4.5-5m tall when fully grown.  


Nëra Trees are often found in the deep parts of woods. The berilar have been adamantly defending them from outside invasion for centuries, only taking a little of the bark or leaves as needed. In a few cases, unknowing Tepilar have cut them down, bringing the wrath of the Forest Elves.
Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)

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