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Jug of Getranus

Written by EmperorCharlesII

We were very carefully escorted into the central atrium. And there, standing on the central dais, in full view of the midday sun, was the Jug of Getranus. Every jewel and band of gold on the container's surface shined in the daylight, dazzling us and causing us to cover our eyes for a moment. Castor fell to her knees and prayed.   The old man went up to the Jug and turned it onto its side. As we watched in shock, shining rocks and precious gems began to pour from the Jug and form a small pile...   ~ Drek Orenaid, Journals of Drek Orenaid

Jug of Getranus

An artist's rendering of the Jug.


The Jug is crafted out of solid gold and is covered with gems and jewels of various cuts and sizes. The gold has been engraved in certain areas, many of them Sha-din-we writings of devotion and various other religious sayings. A glimpse inside the vessel shows it to be completely empty.


Those in possession of the Jug can turn it on its side or upside down, and riches will come out. Gold coins, silver coins and jewels will come tumbling out, forming a small pile on the ground. The money is permanent, not an illusion or a temporary conjuration. It is for this reason that it is kept under guard by The Goldarms.
As a powerful relic of the god Getranus, it is also used to commune and worship Him. Any Sha-din seeking His counsel often meditate or pray while in the presence of the Jug, believing it makes them closer to Him.

Item type
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
The Goldarms
8 kg
40cm tall, 25cm diameter
Significance Religious
Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)

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