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The inner circle of araborea

The inner circle of Araborea is a stange place. It is home to giant mushrooms, wierd floating jellyfish, and many other abnormalities. It is located between the The Edges of Araborea and the center island. It is the largest of the three sections of Araborea.


It is located in between The Edges of Araborea, the place most effected by Araborea's fall into darkness and the center island, the place least effected, and still very earth-like. it is a ring of floating island, surrounding the center island. the biggest of theese floating islands is Ralktar.

Fauna & Flora

The most common flora by far in the inner circle are the mushrooms. They come in all variety, from the huge mushroom on Ralktar to tiny mushrooms only a centimeter tall, from poisonous and deadly to edible, in a huge range of colors, shapes, and sizes. The fauna is not as common, nor as visible, but still very strange. From flying jellyfish to 6 foot mushroom-feeding snakes, from 10 feet to a few centimeters, a huge number of different species live in the inner circle

Natural Resources

There are edible mushrooms, and strange metals


In Araborea's fall into darkness, it was effected second, but not as badly as The Edges of Araborea.
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