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The Center of Exploration and Discovery

The Center of Exploration and Discovery was once a stronghold on the edges of the great empire that covered Araborea. When the empire was destroyed the castle fell into ruin. It slowly was consumed by funguses and age, to the point that it almost looked like part of the landscape. When the The World Federation of Quantan landed on Araborea they noticed the hold, and excavated it. As it happens the castle was buried but still mostly intact, making it easy to refinish and repair. The federation explorers patched up the holes in the castle walls with sheets of plexiglass, giving it a post-modern feel. As the colony grew the castle became the center of research and study of the world's strange plants and animals.

Purpose / Function

Original Purpose

To protect the empire from the Creatures of the void and a rival city-state. as well as house some of the empire's army.  

Current Purpose

To house the labs and equipment needed to study Araborea and to house explorers.


The large portions of the castle were replaced with glass windows and domes, and the walls and ceiling were reinforced with steel beams.
Alternative Names
The Plexiglass Castle
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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