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They came from all sides, making gurgling sounds and brandishing spears. Coming with them was an eye-watering stench of death. We tried to fight back but it was hopeless, there were too many of them. And thus I was taken captive by the Mythrolobes. -Araborean Expeditionary
Although Araborea's fall into darkness destroyed human civalization, humans themselves didn't go fully extinct. When the fist party of Quantanians landed on Araborea they found it uninhaddited. Only after The World Federation had started sonstrution on a colony did the natives reviel themselves.
by Samuel Robbins (with artbreeder)



  Mythrolobes are one of the most hideous creations of the Darkness. They were once human, but decades of exposure to Araborea's flesh warping energy completely recreated their bodies. Mythrolobes look (and smells) like a giant fungus molded into a vaguely humanoid form. Their heads are topped with wide mushroom caps. They possess one eye that has two retinas and two pupils, essentially giving them binocular vision. A Mythrolobe's internal arrangments more in common with a jellyfish than a human's. They possess no internal organs in the traditional sense, no heart, no lungs, or brain. They are entirely composed of fungus. Some theorize that Mythrolobes aren't a single entity, rather a humanoid mass of symbiotic fungus.

Social Structure

Mythrolobes travel in small groups of 12-30. When two groups meet they will either fight or join together, which of these things they do seems completely random from a human point of view. Each group is led by a yigdarath which means master in the mythrolobe tongue. The yigdarath is usually an Agrolid, a biologically superior breed of mythrolobe. Mythrolobes are primarily nomadic. They don't build houses of even use tents. At "night" (it is always dark in Araborea, so basically every 12 hours) they curl up into a ball and sink partially into the fungus covered ground. Their word for this is azkoel or melding. In this state, they can draw energy from the decay around them, as longs a mythrolobe can at least once every 72 hours they can live for an indefinite period of time.
Average Height
6 feet
Average Weight
160 pounds

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Cover image: by Neon Fantasy


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