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The Crystal Ram Horn Tribe

The Crystal Ram Horn Tribe is otherwise known as the Crystal Ram Tribe, rule over the Rolling Heaven's Needle.

Their current leader is Destiny Dew Day Cloud.

She's seventy years old, the warchief and queen a role generally split.

She has three daughters, the same age as Donna Fry and has three children of their own, all girls are born two years before Lovlas. There's a very good friendship between Destiny Dew Dy and himself.

Naming Traditions

Family names

They generally have a superstitious love of three, giving each other three names. This as with their names comes in three with the Clan name being separate. The three-way name split is cultural as they, more than the other tribes believe in the supernatural connections Black Air Raiders have with the number three


Shared customary codes and values

One of their core values is faith in their leadership, that leadership being in their Warcheif, currently Destiny Dew Day. A genius tactician and woman with an impossibly sharp mind. This reality has managed to centre their core values in their leadership.

This does not counter-act the code of all BARS to be self reliant, but rather grows it. This works because each member of the team must be their own functional unit, expected to do their work and cover those who need them. None more so than a leader. This makes them have a higher trust amongst themselves.

The negative effect of this is that they can be extremely warm to BARS and murderously dangerous to literally every other race of creature. Quick to offence and very quick to punishment.

Common Etiquette rules

Shared space is a strong rule of all BARs but none more so than the Crystal Ram Horn Tribe who share sleeping space, land, and water with all BARs who declare themselves.

As Black air Raiders tend to fly everywhere. There's always a need to rest. So instead of creating stores where people can get what they need, every home is a place of safety with unwritten rules hat expect a Black Air Raider who owns the land to show hospitality and the Black Air Raider landing to show gifts, no matter how small.

These trinkets to some can be a sign of great hospitality and honor.

Common Dress code

They're likely to be dressed in robes. Their robes and colors vary greatly but focus on white and baby blue. Most especially amongst the children who by law must wear robes and in those colors.The older the Raider, the freer in the clothing choices they are, the more intricate it is allowed to be. Once a house of the family has colors they will tend to show it, rarely breaking between the families once the family colors are chosen.

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