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Boko-Ni-Bophi-Ma   The Needle Point is inhabited by four races. The Intaka people, The Corsair, The Sigcawu people and the Ngonyama Yemansi.   Each of these four races hold their own the ocean.   The Corsairs live on a flat by large island called Biko Island further away from the heart of the Needle Point.   The Yemansi under water between the Needle pointer islands.   The Sigcawu people live on land and live either at the base of the Needle Point or in the middle up to the point whet the clouds block any path up.   The Intaka people live inside and on top of the Needle Point, way above the clouds.   Few people travel along the base of the Needle range because of the absolutely massive tides which come up at least twice a week. They shoot up to 8 meters up into the sky in the dorms of total waves before receding after 6 to 24 hours.


  • Ngonyama Yemansi
  • Lovani
  • Black Air Raider
  • Corsair


Fishing is a large resource.   Ice is one of the largest resources.

Natural Resources

Ice Fish Animal meat


  • The Rolling Heavens Needle
    The Rolling Heavens needle is a land of ice and imaginably taller towers of rock called needles and are shared between multiple races with the Black Air Raiders on top, the Sicgawu in the middle and others at the bottom.


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