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The Sky Jaguar Tribe

The Sky Jaguar Tribe or the White Jaguar tribe.

  The fifth Intaka tribe is the White Jaguar tribe which used to be in the centre of all tribes. Most of its real-estate in what is now the Rolling Heaven's Needle. White Jaguars have no leadership and most have assimilated to the other tribes.

  One of the core ways with which they stood out was in their love of faith, discipline best in their construction of statues and their link with animal life, having the widest range of animal to Raider Bonds.

  They've bonded with Sky Rams, so much so they were able to breed and sell them. Thanks to the Fry Family they expanded into the waters, making deals with the Corsairs to share technology, with which they traversed the Black Thorne.

  They maintained balance and control over the Sky Eagles, creatures who grew fast and filling the Needle, putting Black Air Raider Children at risk. The Sky Jaguar Tribes managed to control their growth by raising them themselves as a means to hunt their own. Owning a Golden Mountain Eagle was something considered impressive and scary to any Black air Raider.

  The most important tool to the attack Golden Eagle infections was through the breeding of Sky Jaguars a common creature which fed Golden Eagles and both dying in large numbers. With the help of the Sky Jaguar tribe the tides of the War Turned and Sky Jaguar became common pets, until both the tribe and their pets fell into extinction.


Major language groups and dialects

Xhosa is their Common tongue but quite a few other languages used their dialects, most especially as they grew and expanded through the Black Thorne.

Average technological level

Iron shipping.

Of Sky Jaguar people's true and greatest ideals were reached by a singular family unit that worked with the Corsairs to produce the Black Thorne's first Iron Ship.

A ship capable of carrying hundreds at once, using coal and fire to move at a constant pace. They're slow but the Fry family used them to not transport people but instead transport ice. An extremely valuable commodity.


Beauty Ideals

The White Tribe's ideal was adaptation, but theirs was beyond, becoming perhaps one of the most ambitious as theirs all above expansion. Freedom, social cohesion progression of the faith was always a big thing for all Sky Jaguars.

So how could one be beautiful to a Sky Jaguar if one didn't show the world what they were?

This could range in many ways, ranging from the jewellery a Sky Jaguar wears, how a Sky Jaguar walked, what pets they owned, a great deal owning Sky jaguars. A Sky Jaguar with a pet is a wealthy, well rounded and apathetic Sky Jaguar with strong principles.

Relationship Ideals

Relationship ideals are two fold: Expansion and Strength.

It was a prideful and a beautiful thing for a Sky Jaguar to have the full amount of children, raising them and building the family unit to add cogs into the machine that will ensure the expansion of the wisdom of the Sky Goddess and the growth of the Intaka people as a whole.


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