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The Corsairs

The Corsairs are a race of sea evolved people, they live in their own independent worlds within their ships, their hierarchies, kingdoms and technology.   They share the oceans with the Black Air Raiders who have managed to build ships out of metal. They are the only race to figure out black powder. It is their own technological brilliance, which they used to create ship's cannons. Because Corsairs are so attuned to the seas, it's hard to tell which came first. The Corsair's evolution or the Corsair's relationship to the sea.

Basic Information


Human anatomy.

Biological Traits

Corsair women grow taller than Corsair men and have a generally longer Plateau period than the boys and are generally have softer bones than the men. This has the effect of having women tower over men, but also having the effect

Genetics and Reproduction

They reproduce sexually as humans do with mothers have a 5 to 6 months birthing period.

Growth Rate & Stages

There are actually three phases of growth in the life cycle of a Corsair.   Adolescence is the fastest growth of a corsair. In which they grow from the size of your hand to the size of a young adult human.   They have a plateau phase which is called the Plateau. At the Plateau phase. This is generally when a Corsair is actually at their weakest and their most vulnerable. This is also called the Education Phase as most Corsair cultures use this period of time to learn over anything else.     Then comes the adult phase, which is where their bones tighten, break, strength continuously until they are almost twice as thick and as dense as they were before. But then their spines have bent and their muscle mass has grown. And they are bigger than they were before.

Ecology and Habitats

All Corsairs are happy in salt water, with the sea breeze pushing upon them and on the water where the world beneath their feet is completely unstable.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They survive very well from the meat from fish. But have learned to eat their cabbage. As a deal made with the Black Air Raiders, they tend to trade well for the sweet and tender meat of Sky Ram meat.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

They have matching intelligence with some humans but are slightly below average intelligence. And a 90 IQ average.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have a massively above average centre of gravity and above average centre of gravity.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Corsair have varied traits of beauty, making their standards of beauty some of the most complicated. As the Corsairs have phases that are best read by other Corsairs.   You want a Young Corsair man? You need to look for a tall man! You want an older, more mature corsair, you're looking for a shorter corsair, with a thick beard, preferably well groomed, with tied hair. You want a still growing young, wealthy Corsairs, you looking for Corsair without a beard, with new clothes. A growing young, middle class, hard working corsair, you looking for a Corsair without a beard with, new shoes, and hand me downs and most importantly sea legs.


Their people's history started when the first corsair placed a piece of wood upon water.   Once that happened, everything changed. Their started on islands but were not able to discover the world and discover they did, travelling and eventually building the world of their own in the oceans, growing in numbers in ways that their culture and even physiology. They'd once been shorter but grew ever so taller, standing up straighter but are still short.   They discovered the Yemansi and the Lovani, and most vitally their greatest partner. The Black Air Raiders. This started as a war bu then changed into a partnership for resources and knowledge. With the corsairs willingness to put their heads down and work and the Black Air Raiders artistry, they started building some of the largest and most adaptive and supportive cities in the country.
Scientific Name
Water type Humanoids
Average Height
1.6m - 1.8m
Average Weight
Average Physique
They are slightly short and are all hunched over by a tiny degree. Small but noticeable.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
They have orange skin tones. Some groups having a dark orange to a lighter yellow. But that makes them stand out the most.


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