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The White Drake Tribe

The first tribe is of the Frost Needle, the White Drake Tribe.

  What’s most unique to the Frost Needle is the thickness of their Carpet, the endless cloud that separates the top of the needles from the world below.

Because of this, they’re considered some of the most prideful, and brave. They encompass more of the race’s collected knowledge and history than the other tribes.

They’re named after the history of the Black Air Raider evolution which is believed not to have come from birds but the Ice Dragon. Which is why they’re able to withstand extreme cold.

They not only rule over the Frost Needle but have land and control over the Tundra, a vast expanse of ice and blizzard that holds untold horrors but also just as many resources. So much so it is a major point of wealth and danger for the White Drake tribe.

  Unfortunately, this also puts them at odds with the Crystal Ram horn tribe who share common interests with their people constantly moving within. It’s a political nightmare which is gladly faced by their royalty through their strength in enterprise. Their kingdom is fuelled by taxes and brought forward in investments and initiatives, which expand constantly. Their finances reaching far and wide.


Common Myths and Legends

The greatest legend is that of their origin, that of the first evolution. That they did not grow into humanoid form from the tiny bird but shrunk from the mighty dragon, that Modimo Hleko would not have chosen such a weak specimen instead condensing their form for this world.


Gender Ideals

The White Drakes consider themselves to be more pragmatic than any other of the Black Air Raiders tribes.

Men are men, women are women. Men are stronger than women and whole a great strength overall. Women are meant to be support and give strength but battle as well as any man.

Courtship Ideals

It’s considered to be started by the White Drake tribe that Black Air Raider women are the ones to approach and challenge the man.

But there is a clear difference between the White Drake tribe and the others.

If the woman, challenging the man were to defeat the man. Then the man in question was weak and that man should not be with her in any way. If anything, that man has now lost honour.

If the woman were to lose then it is up to the man to decide if she is worth the effort to be engaged with.

Major organizations

Their current chieftain is the seventeen-year-old Spirits Breath, the seventh Cloud Walker. He was fifteen when his father died when fifteen was the oldest child, he was thrust into the role of king.

His mother is the Stewards. She cannot be king, only males can be king. But from behind her son she leads, living perhaps freer than an actual king.


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