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Black Air Raiders

Winged Warriors of Death

These are a member of the species class of the Intaka race. They are bird like creatures capable of flight with large Black and white wings.
  They are a proud race who believe their abilities to stand for themselves. Culturally their two strengths belong to the military and their gods. Most importantly the Goddess Modimo Hleko, the goddess of creation.
    But when they are not on their knees praying, when they are not designing art, sculptures and monuments to their gods. They are warring, preparing for war, thinking about war and in rare cases instigate it. As a culture they have focused their natural military advantage and use them for political power across the entire Black Thorne.

Basic Information


The Black Air Raiders have mostly human anatomies.
The Exceptions being:
  • Their massive wings, which extend the length of their bodies. They’re able to retract their wings to up to a quarter of their original sizes folding the rest into each other.
  • They have tough but hollow bones. This makes them light, durable but breakable. A drawback is that breaks take a long time to recover, on rare occasion the bone never repairs, needing an amputation.
  • Their wings come in two colours, Black or White. If a Black Air Raider with black wings mates with a white winged Black Air Raider, they create a Black Air Raider with black and white wings. The formation of the black and white being exclusively unique to every single Black Air Raider. No two mixed wings are the same.
  • Their skin tones work in the same manner a dog’s fur might. If you have dark skin and mate light, then the child will be one, the other or a mix of light and dark, giving a look of having vitiligo.
  • They have above human jumping ability and leg strength, allowing them to naturally jump their own height.

Genetics and Reproduction

They reproduce sexually.   Pregnancy lasting ten months.
The first two months have thier ings becoming overly senstive.

By the third month they swell to the point of becoming impossible to fly.

The fourth has thier breasts swelling, ankles looking and feeling like tree trunks. Mood swings becoming more frequent and intense.

Growth Rate & Stages

The average Black Air Raider learns how to fly on their own by the age of five and are tested by the age of seven under severe wind pressure.

Ecology and Habitats

The optimal environment for the Black Air Raider will have the strongest winds. Which is why they congregate upon the Boko-Ni-Bophi-Ma Needles. This being mega thin mountains the reach into the skies allowing the Black Air Raiders to literally live above the clouds.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Intaka people enjoy the same foods as humans, being omnivorous with a culturally developed preference for red meat, most especially the meat of the Sky Ram. A special species of goat which have extremely large horns, designed to help them to climb even the highest points.

Additional Information

Social Structure

There are two highest points in their natural hierarchy. Kings and Generals.
Kings of course, are powerful because they are chosen by the gods to be king, the God's Mandate. They do not call themselves Kings, instead calling themselves Chieftains or Warcheifs; a name born of legendary heroes who changed the face of history. The Crystal Ram Horn separating the role, having a Chief and a Warcheif who acts as a master general.
The other point is their general. Their military is fierce, goal-oriented and always ready.

Facial characteristics

They have no facial features that separate them from other humans.

Average Intelligence

Average intelligence matches humans. There are rarely hyper intelligent Black Air Raiders, but those who are stand out within the culture. Most renowned geniuses focused on war. There are other stand outs such as the Fry family who seem to produce very inventive people.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have above average hearing, capable of isolating individual voices. Their eyesight is far beyond human sight with them being able to see clearly against the toughest winds, as well as from incredible heights, their eyes being able to collect enough information to isolate and almost zoom in on a target from an impressive height.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The people are not specific about names having a first and last name. But these are not the names that matter most. Those are your tribal names and the names that surround them. These are almost used as passwords, that access more into a person.

Major Organizations

There are four kingdoms spread across the tribes:  
  • The Crystal Ram Horn Tribe
  • The White Drake Tribe
  • The Sky Serpent Tribe
  • The Sky Ram Tribe.

Beauty Ideals

Strength is the true marker of beauty. You scared? If there's a good story then you look better than most clean people.
Efficiency is strength and strength is beauty. This applies to men and women.

Gender Ideals

Men and women do have roles, but as both women and men have similar bodies, they are gender neutral. Both being able to lead, fight and die. There are literally no roles exclusive for women or men, except for the selection ritual as women tend to be only a few percentage points softer than men.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship is always initiated by the woman. She approaches the man and the fight. If the man is too weak then he is considered to soft and a tame Black Air Raider.

Relationship Ideals

Black Air Raider women rarely ever have more than three children in their lifetime. The ideal is to have the maximum number of children, a large family is a successful family.

Average Technological Level

One of the most unique technological advancements that are exclusive to their water work, they have some of the most robust and complex ships in the entire Black Thorne, able to safely carry thousands.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

They speak the common tongue, and their own language has no real name as it seems to be something they just speak and is more like Xhosa than any other language.

Common Etiquette Rules

The common unwritten law of all Black Air Raiders is to grab another Black Air Raider's forearm, just above the wrist and shake. The handshake is the start of the introduction as you loudly and proudly declare who they are.

Common Dress Code

Black Air Raider children generally wear robes, it suits their clothing best. But upon aging, they are given greater allowances to wear more clothing, until they are adults, but even then, there are slight restrictions until they are considered elders where there are absolutely no restrictions and are even gifted more elegant clothing.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Black Air Raider Rugby

  • Rugby is a major sport in the Black Thorne, it is an honor to be in a rugby team.
  • Depending on the territory and the culture, the rules can change, but generally, the game is entirely the same.
  • Most will stick to their own race, with a few cross playing, most especially in human territories.
  • The sevens are a major international event, most especially by the Umbaleki.
  • The Sefefo will play on the ice. Their play for more aggressive than any other as it involves completely uneven terrain.
  • Rugby in Black Air Raider territory generally involves flight, their own speed a point of pride and strength. They tend to be violent and bloody affairs.
  • Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

    A common custom among Black Air Raiders is to always be welcoming. No matter what. They have only one means of transportation, which is flying from one needle to another, so courtesy is a means of survival without it, nothing would move.

    Common Taboos

    Talking against their gods is one of the most dangerous things in the world. You can only believe, you can respect or you can die.


    Black Air Raider History starts with the five tribes. After the last recorded continental war was reduced to four tribes. The Sky Jaguar tribe destroyed, due to the massive death count. Their lands were taken up and the individual Sky Jaguars working inside of other tribes.

    Common Myths and Legends

    Black Air Raiders are a highly religious people with a pantheon collection of Gods and Goddesses, their myths and legends come from there.

    Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

    Black Air Raiders have a supremacist attitude. They are a blessed and honorary race and one of the original. This makes things tough for the races around to deal with.

    On the other hand, there are a few races around them. The Lovani, the Scawu and the Ngonyama Yemansi.
    Scientific Name
    Black Air Raider
    80 years
    Conservation Status
    The Black Air Raiders are not under protection. But their population counts are fairly limited.
    Average Height
    2-3.5 meters
    Average Weight
    Average Physique
    The average Black air Raider is as fit as a fiddle. They have very low body fat, to the point where seeing a Black Air Raider with any round edges is considered fat. All humans are considered horribly fat in the eyes of a Black Air Raider.


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