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The Sky Ram Tribe

The Fourth tribe is the Sky Ram tribe they are situated on the Earth Needle territory.   Chances are if you have met a member of the Black Air Raider race within Ethuthuku there's a great chance that you have met a member of the Sky Ram tribe.   They are an intelligent and accepting people but can be aggressive and determined to prove themselves as overly important as compared to other people and yet less cold blooded than the average, more accepting Black Air Raider Tribes. They speak to other tribes, try to connect to other tribes and buy or sell in order to bring back to their own tribe. The goal being self preservation and over all growth of their own tribe.   They are also less likely to be depressed or murderously upset over a quiet and dry sky.   Due to their flight they are also likely the people you want to speak to if there is something you want.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Family Names have knack of being a mix of flight, or Sky based named to games which reflect the reality that they live inside of the cloud and now land based names to reflect their changing state.   The more cloud and land based names are considered names of family lines that have become very accepting of their disconnection with the world above the clouds and accepting of their new connection with the Earth, which is why they are called the Earth Needle despite their tribal names being tied to the sky ram which is an animal that prefers to live above the clouds.


Major language groups and dialects

Their Language is more the common young than more along with the vernac which they best use with other air raiders.

Shared customary codes and values

All Black Air Raiders Believe in being self sufficient and independent, but one thing that makes the people of the Earth needle to be unique is their willingness to adapt. They don't even have a pleasure as great to import rock to make art, instead using their own rock, going so far as to carving into their own needles.

Common Etiquette rules

A good way a Sky Ram will stand out is the fact that they tend to shake every one's hand not just the hand of another Black Air Raider.

Common Dress code

Unlike other other Black Air Raiders they are more likely to wear undergarments and common cotton clothing and pants and not wear robes.

Art & Architecture

As with the other tribes, most especially the Sky Jaguars, they have a strong focus on sculpture work but will likely but uniquely will sculpt from their own resources to even carving a uniquely buildings into the needles themselves.


Gender Ideals

There are almost no gender ideals as the ideas are being gender neutral because the idea of a man being strong and a woman being weak is considered a disgusting shame. And a failure on the woman, a failure on the woman's mother and a failure on the father. Their numbers are not tremendous but they fight perhaps harder than any other of the tribes to create strength and influence within Ethuthuku, while the other tribes seem to spread themselves out more.

Major organizations

Their current chieftain is Granite Landfarmer.   He's 25 years old and quite vein and aggressive, He is a man obsessed with the physical strength of his people and their ability to organise.   He is led by his mother, who had retired from the throne despite actually being younger than the Warcheif Destiny Dew Day. A woman she actually have a very hot rivalry with.

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