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The Lovani

The Lovani people are a special people race with the unique ability to camoflague. They have evolved the ability to observe and remember what they see in three dimensions of the world around them some of the most powerful being able to create something close to four dimensional vision.

They're defined by that unique ability, becoming of use to anyone whose willing to use them. It comes at a cost.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

The hair of Lovani has an unfortunate trait of growing rather quickly, which is something that bothers most Lovani.

Genetics and Reproduction

Their Reproduction is human, lasting five months, over a month longer than humans.

Growth Rate & Stages

Their growth matches humanity in phases, with the exception of being able to change their skin tones as adults do. It's all about control and brainpower, so it has to be instilled properly through cultural practices.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They're hunter-gatherers who have a more even mix between the two. They enjoy meat but also enjoy plant products as much.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Their social structure are some of the most diverse in the Black Thorne, two cultures, living in the exact same location can be fundamentally different. This can lead to war and a dangerous with Tribes declaring war for domination but in the end, most will work together, creating multiple territories. These will be run by mixed leaders and many messengers. Messengers matter because of hundreds even tens of thousands of moving tribes at a constant rate of movement.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The central base of most Lovani tribes and their migration is around Bokonibopha AKA the North West. But as families mix and form around each other. The rest move into other locations spreading down Edudweni, Taung and eventually.

Average Intelligence

They have profoundly great memories and are capable of the greatest levels of observation. Their IQs are 95 to the average human, putting them below human, but compensate they generally will work together, 'thinking together' also as they have slightly above average memories, will use it to build histories and work well off of it.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have the ability to absorb visual information at such a high rate that it actually overrides their own mental capacity. It gifts them with above-average natural instincts.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

The ability to change skin colour is the best test of beauty as that ability is how you can see a Lovani's true beauty. If they can't show you the entire world on their body then they're not that serious about life and aren't worth the effort so "cloudy skinned" people are the lowest of the low.

Unreliable, useless.

Relationship Ideals

The relationship ideal is to create a family unit. A family is a solid unit of strength that's capable of enduring. So a strong Mother, Father and willing and listening to children.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

They speak the Common Tongue, Xhosa, along with their own vernaculars. It's basically a Zulu mix that links to Xhosa and other people's vernaculars with some families groups adding to the dialect that makes each family tribe, or unit unique.

Common Dress Code

The dress code is literally as little as possible. Clothes are a form of necessity, most especially in the cold of Edudweni which have not fully mastered but more against the heat of the rest of the nations, most especially Enduku.

Common Taboos

It's considered Taboo to let your hair grew extremely long as it will ruin what you can do as a stealth warrior. Almost every culture holds to it. Another thing that will also negatively impact Lovani if seen are Lovani with an obsession with clothing. Lovani can't change their clothes' clothes, which limits how well their abilities work, undermining their abilties.

Common Myths and Legends

There's a small legend that's told to children about one of the most powerful Lovani to ever exist. His ability to change was so powerful that he didn't just change his skin, but managed to reflect and even produce light in such a manner that he managed to change the look of people and objects around him, without using magic.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

They're better and best connected with the Sigcawu people and also the people of the Earth Needle and Kingdom. The other Kingdoms being too far into the waters to communicate with as effectively.
80 years
Average Height
1.6 - 2.5 Meters
Average Weight
50kg to 75kg
Average Physique
Physically fit, very much matching the body types of Black Air Raiders. Highly defined muscle and very low body fat but unlike Black Air Raiders, Lovani have full bone density and overall muscle mass. Making them heavier, but slightly shorter.

Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their natural skin tone is Red, seeing a full red Lovani is a powerful show of love, as it's exposing itself.

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